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Muslims In Detention Centers In China

China is putting Muslims into internment camps and no one’s doing anything about it.

China Practicing Nazis Methods

Right now, China’s detained over a million Uighur and other Turkic Muslims into concentration camp.

They are forced to denounce Islam, adopt atheism, and pledge allegiance to the Chinese state.

They would spend hours on end chanting in their crowded cells, “There is no such thing as religion” or “All hail the Chinese state,” or ” All hail Chinese President Xi Jinping.”

And if detainees disobey, or if there’s any type of resistance there is torture being used.

“There are at least 800,000 and possibly up to a couple of million folks in these detention facilities, U.S state department member Scott Busby said in a statement.

Nails are being pulled out, teeth are being pulled out, they’re using snakes to interrogate, people are being beaten until they’re dead, they’re being sterilized- a method used in genocide.

Any type of indication that you practice religion could end up sending you to one of the camps, for as little as mentioning the word God.

The bodies of dead are not sent back to their family, rather they are cremated, so the secret can stay hidden, which is the reason there is no confirmed numbers as to how many people have been killed so far in these camps.

The children of these detainees have been sent to the state run orphanages and boarding schools where they are taught to hate their own religion, identity, forced to speak Chinese, and are subject to torture and abuse.

What is the reason for China cracking down on Uighur and Turkic Muslims specifically?

East Turkestan is really rich in minerals and resources, by putting people into camps and basically carrying out an ethnic cleansing, China is attempting to maintain high control over the mineral-rich land.

Ever wondered why there have been so less news regarding these camps and the behavior of China with these people, the first one is, China has tightly controlled its media, so whatever is happening inside can’t really be revealed outside, second, even when people know about it, or even when governments know about it, they are forced to remain silent due to Chinese pressure and their economic and strategic ties to the country.

Another might of a dark past might repeat itself in the upcoming future having the new mask on its face.

Sources: Viennatimes

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