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Man Shot Dead In Road Rage Incident

A man is dead in what police say was a violent road rage incident in Pennsylvania.Timothy Davison, 28, from Poland, Maine, was traveling along Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania when he apparently began to be pursued by a driver in another car around 2 a.m. Saturday, Rob Hicks, the public information officer for the Chambersberg Police Department in Chambersberg, Pa., told ABC News.Man Shot Dead in Road Rage Incident

Davison called 911 and reported that a person in the other car was shooting at him, Hicks said.

The other vehicle then rammedDavison’s car, forcing him on to the snowy median, where his car became stranded, he said. After the crash, the suspect got out of the car and shot Davison multiple times in his vehicle, according to police.

Davison later died at a local hospital.

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According to Davison’s description to 911 operators, the police believe the suspect was in a darkly colored small pick-up truck, possibly a Ford Ranger. They say there’s no indication that Davison knew his pursuer or what might have lead to the violent confrontation.

Hicks said police are hoping to get more details about the suspect from Davison’s emergency call.

“He was on 911 for the majority of the time of this incident so we’re reviewing the tapes right now,” Hicks told ABC News affiliate WHTM-TV in Harrisburg, Pa. “We’re hoping we can get some more information that might help us find out what happened and who did it.”

The killing comes just one day after another alleged roadway incident when a man in York County, Pa., said a driver pulled up beside him, reportedly in dark a Nissan, and started to shoot at his vehicle. The driver in that incident was unharmed and the suspect has not been caught.

Hicks said police were still investigating and have not determined whether the two incidents were related.

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