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Japan Bullet Train Passenger Starts Fire Injuring Eight

At least eight people have been injured, two seriously, after a man set himself on fire on a Shinkansen bullet train in Japan, say officials.

Passenger Starts fire japan Train

The man had poured oil over himself in the first carriage of the train, a Japan Rail spokesman told the Dailyreleased.

The train was going from Tokyo to Osaka, and was near Odawara city when the emergency stop button was pressed.

Japanese local TV media showed still pictures of the train halted with white smoke inside.

All trains on the Tokyo-Osaka high speed line have been stopped.Local media said the incident took place at 11:30am local time (02:30 GMT) while the train was between Yokohama and Odawara.

The Yomiuri Shimbun daily said the train came to a stop after the emergency button was pressed.

Japan Rail officials said the man who set himself on fire was then discovered near the toilet stall.

National broadcaster NHK reports that the man has died. At least eight other passengers have also been injured, fire officials said.

The Odawara fire department told the Dailyreleased that two people had suffered cardiac arrests.

Bullet trains, which have a good safety history, travel at speeds of up to 320km/h (198 mph).

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