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Is Car Leasing the Way of the Future?

New car sales in the UK have hit new highs in 2014, with figures set to reach their most exalted levels in more than a decade. Small and fuel efficient cars are at the centre of this drive, and played an integral role in triggering a 9.4% increase in new vehicles sales throughout Britain. While this market may be thriving, however, there is a growing trend for leasing vehicles in the commercial and consumer markets, as the often understated benefits of this practice become increasingly apparent.

Car Leasing

Leasing a Car in 2015: Why it is the way of the Future

There are also a number of statistics from the FLA which suggest that there has been a 14% in new car finance, which also underlines the fact that consumers are increasingly willing to follow this payment structure when sourcing vehicles. Leasing arrangements work in a similar way, as they require customers to make monthly repayments for the duration of their contract. This is where the similarities end, and customers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that leasing brings to them in the current economic climate.

Leasing agreements relieve consumers from the burden of ownership, for example, as they are not financially responsible for any planned or unscheduled maintenance that takes place throughout the course of the agreement. While this is reflected in the monthly amount that you repay, it delivers long-term savings and also considerable peace of mind going forward. You can also guarantee the quality and performance of lease vehicles, as companies such as Car 4 Leasing stake their reputation on their ability to deliver functional and pristine vehicles to consumers.

The Last word for Auto Consumers

On another note, leasing arrangements also enable you to constantly upgrade your vehicle at the end of the contract. The typical consumer leasing agreement lasts for a period of two years, and at the end of this you are able to upgrade to a brand new car. This means that you do not need to worry about your car as a depreciating financial asset, which offers huge reassurance during times of economic difficulty.

So even if you are unfamiliar with leasing, it undoubtedly represents the future of the new car market and offers a host of extremely unique benefits to British consumers. To find out more, get online today and peruse the vast range of options at your disposal.


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