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Iran Defies US With Launch Of Ballistic Missiles

After the nuclear deal had come into force last year, experts thought the Islamic Republic would maintain good relations. However, the Islamic Republic tested two ballistic missiles during the last few days. The action is believed to be a show of power to ensure Western leaders don’t become too complacent. They have openly forced Iran to sign an agreement that halts the progress of their nuclear program. So, it makes sense the Ayatollah and his government would fight to regain some of their rights. We’re going to take a look at the situation in this article and hopefully dispel any myths or misunderstandings. Iran is a peaceful nation, but this move is guaranteed to trigger a harsh Western response.

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What’s the problem with Iran testing ballistic missiles?

That’s a good question, and one many people struggle to answer. In truth, it all goes back to 1929 when a UN resolution banned them from using the technology. That happened due to the rising threat Iran posed to the US, UK, and other Western nations. Ballistic missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and advanced models can reach the West. So, it was determined the UN would stop Iran from pursuing such weapons of mass destruction. Leading expert Mark Dubowitz mentioned that during his report to Barack Obama early last year. He claimed that Iran was unlikely to halt their weapons programs as a result of the nuclear deal. It seems from the news today that he was right.

Would Iran try to target the West with ballistic missiles?

Another good question! As the Islamic Republic has not started a war for more than two centuries, it seems unlikely. However, anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see how weapons provide political leverage. The nuclear deal eased tensions, but Iranian and Western relationships are still at breaking point. While Iran probably wouldn’t aim their missiles at the US unless they were under attack, they are sure to use them in the political arena. It’s much harder to threaten and sanction nations that have access to nuclear technology. Both the UK and US governments understand that fact. That is why they will come down hard on Iran for testing the latest set of weapons.

Can we stop Iran from developing these weapons?

The short answer? No, we can’t. Iran is a vast Shia Muslim country, and no amount of negotiations will encourage them to release their sovereignty. Russia can’t force the US to reduce their weapons stock, and the same rules apply here. The international community can place as many sanctions as they like on Iran – it won’t make a difference. Scientists in the Islamic Republic are close to understanding the construction of nuclear bombs. It’s only a matter of time before they master the process and we have to deal with a nuclear Iran. We can’t stop them from doing it, but government officials are trying their best to slow the progress.

The only truly worrying thing about Iran’s ballistic missile tests relates to the words inscribed on the bombs. Both had the phrase “Israel must be wiped out” written on the side. The tensions between Muslims and Jews in the Middle East has increased in recent times. The West just needs to take measures to avoid an all-out religious war. However, it’s almost guaranteed that Iran will not throw the first punch.

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