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Groundbreaking: Couple Sue Company Over Dog Sledding Accident

We always hear about new rulings on injury cases, but some are particularly special. In one of the most interesting cases this month, a couple won a million dollar lawsuit against a holiday company. As you might already know, accident and injury claims often win thousands at court, but on some occasions, they can win much more. On rare occasions, when a case is quite special, the court might award millions of dollars to the clients. One such case took place in North Carolina recently. A simple dog sledding ride turned into a nightmare situation for a young couple, who had hoped to have a romantic getaway in Aspen.

Winterdance Canada Dog Sledding HuskiesDetails of the case

Harry Harden and his partner Melody were vacationing in the beautiful setting of Aspen when tragedy struck. The couple was not comfortable with trying some of the adventurous activities their resort had to offer. They already knew the dangers of skiing and other winter sports, and so decided to avoid them because they wanted to be safe. On the recommendation of a guide, they opted to take a dog sledding ride through the woods. The trail was one which the company used on a regular basis, and staff assured the couple that they would be safe. Unfortunately, the pathway was slippery that day, and the dogs could not handle it. After a few minutes, there was an awful accident, which injured both Harry and Melody.

Information about health and safety

One of the most important things to remember about this trial is that the holiday company had a duty to protect the couple’s safety. Since this excursion was something that they offered as part of their services, they had a responsibility to keep it safe. The case showed that there was not any safety gear on board the sledge, which meant that the couple did not have all they needed.

General injury law information

When one party causes another party to have an injury, it means that there are grounds for a possible court case. Companies, such as Lafayette help people to claim against businesses who don’t protect them. In this case, the couple had every right to lodge a complaint against their holiday company. With some evidence from witnesses and medical professionals, it is often easy to show the cause of an accident. Modern techniques in the medical profession, mean that people can now have an accurate account of the accident.

About settling out of court

The Hardens got a significant payout of $1 million, when the lawyers settled the case out of court. Sometimes, a company will strike a deal with the law firm because they can see that they will not win in court. It is often the case that big companies want to avoid court because they believe that it will tarnish their reputation. In the lead up to the case, lawyers meet both parties to discuss the details of it. At this point, the company might offer a deal so that they can avoid the drama of attending court. In this case, the holiday company chose to avoid seeing the case through and, instead, offered the couple a generous sum.

More information

There is a growing number of people suing companies and even their employers because they have had an accident. That means that there is now more information than ever about these types of case and what stands up in a court of law. If you believe that you have grounds for a case, it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you get the ball rolling, the better chance you have of winning your case.

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