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Dead Body Found In Australian Park

While most people consider Australia to be quite a safe place, it sometimes gets bouts of crime. When you compare these crime rates to the rest of the world, they may seem quite low. Now and then, though, there is a horrific case of criminal activity in the country. Most recently, there have been a few incidents of violent crime in Australia. As one of the major cities in the country, Sydney has suffered over the last few years. Of course, there is no doubt that this place is a large urban environment. With that in mind, it makes sense that the city would have some cases of awful crime.

body in Wentworth Park

Body found in a Sydney park

So, what is the latest incident? Well, last week, the police found a body in Wentworth Park in the middle of Sydney. At this point, the police have not managed to identify the body at all. They are saying that they will treat this case as suspicious. There were many wounds on the body, which suggests that someone caused them harm. The body is male, and the police believe that it is someone in their 20’s or 30’s. They are now questioning people at the scene and nearby to see whether anybody knows anything. What is most disturbing about this case is the fact that the body was just a few meters away from a play area. While the police looked at the body, children and families were near the scene of the crime.

The search for evidence

After the police had found the body, a night-long search started. The City of Sydney authorities opened all the public bins in the area so that the police could search them. The State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad have also joined the case. Over the coming weeks, the group will be working in tandem with the police. That is to say that the two parties plan to work together on the case. The two teams will be questioning many people in the area in the hope that they can get the answers they need.

Legal action

Once the authorities have gathered enough evidence, there will some legal action. Right now, the police don’t have any suspects, but they are working fast to find any culprits. The police are now asking anyone in the area to come forward and give evidence about the case. An expert from one of the criminal law firms in the city claims that this is not the first case of its kind in the area. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in crime in Sydney. For some reason, many cases have gone unreported.

How does it affect the area?

So, how will this incident affect the area? Well, some experts believe that it could impact the property prices in Australia. Over the last few months, there has been a rise in the market due to Asian investors. With crime peaking, though, it could have an adverse effect on the state of things. Only time will tell whether the crime rates will hinder the housing market.

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