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Bully Who Humiliated Two Girls In Viral Video Walks Free

A sixteen year old girl in the south of England walked free of her court hearing after humiliating two younger girls. The attack was recorded  and the video has been watched by millions.

The sixteen year old, who for legal reasons cannot be named, was given a ten month deferral that means she will serve no detention for her actions.


The case was troubling for a number of reasons. The sixteen-year-old in question took part in a pre-planned attack on the two girls after they left a restaurant in town. They were made to take off their shoes, threatened until they agreed not to tell the police and had items such as their phone stolen.

Mitigating circumstance were taken into account by the judge when deciding on sentencing the teenager. The girl was thought to have drunk a litre of vodka before committing the offense and has no prior convictions. She will have to perform services under the guidance of youth workers and her mother is being forced to pay damages to the two girls. But, the important fact is that the teenager has been allowed to walk free.

In her defence the girl said: “I’m really sorry. It’s not something I would normally do. Normally I Stick up against the bully.”

Her defence also claimed that the girl suffered from a drinking problem.

It is questionable whether justice has been served in this case. Although the offence was serious and humiliating for the victims, the defendant is still quite young. However, what makes it even more disturbing is that the attack was filmed and posted.

This is not the first time cases like this have come to court.  It will not be the last. Several years ago a form of viral humiliation known as “happy slapping” was a popular craze amongst the youths of Britain. The facts of this case suggest the craze or the basic principle of it is still practised.

The case has also brought another issue to light once more. The girl’s parent has taken a lot of the responsibility during the case. She is being forced to pay damages to the two humiliated girls for the loss of their property. It leads to the question of whether at sixteen a child is no longer a child and if a parent is responsible for their children’s behaviour.

Although the outcome of this case is understandable it has set a precedent for future cases brought up in court. It could even stop people who are bullied contacting the authorities. The court heard that the girl has received thousands of death threats since committing the attack.

If you think your child is being bullied, research bullying information online.  Find what you can do to stop it. If bullying is left to continue, it can lead to severe and often tragic consequences.

Experts say that bullying leaves a psychological mark that will never fade. If someone has been bullied, it will affect the rest of their life and can lead to serious issues such as drug abuse and depression.

It is unclear whether the outcome of this case will stop others committing similar acts of cruelty in the future.

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