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British Woman’s £164k Court Win Could Change Inheritance Law Forever

The last will and testament is one of the most important documents that anybody will ever write. Following the recent outcome of a 10-year court battle in Britain, the field of inheritance law could be about to change forever.

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It might have taken over a decade, but the 54-year-old woman in question has successfully won a payout of £164,000. This is despite being purposely left out of her mother’s will in 2004. The implications of the landmark case could now bring huge changes across the board.

While nobody wants to think about dying, knowing that you’ve taken care of your loved ones does add comfort. In this landmark, though, the deceased didn’t enjoy a good relationship with her daughter. Subsequently, she opted to leave money to charity. The court ruling saw that decision to dismiss her daughter overturned. It instantly alters the landscape for future claimants and will writers.

Writing a will has always been a job for the professionals. Constructing it yourself can leave your assets in a vulnerable position. Experts like Brad Micklin ensure that your loved ones won’t lose out. However, following this recent case in Britain, seeking an experienced lawyer is more vital than ever.

Providing loved ones with one final gift is a comforting parting present from life. The thought that your assets could end up elsewhere is quite scary. This update to estate law means that  claimants can now contest omissions could prevent the rightful recipients from receiving what you want them to. In this case, the £164,000 equated to a third of the deceased’s estate. Those who want to protect their assets may consider reaching out to an asset protection attorney.

It’s not just the financial implications that are worrying. The resulting lawsuit could be particularly stressful, particular in the aftermath of a loved one’s death. This landmark case in Britain has created a grey area that could potentially impact thousands of cases over the coming years. There’s a chance that British families won’t be the only ones affected. Claimants across the world will now be looking to cite this case in their own legal battles.

Interestingly, the British woman had already been awarded an initial settlement of £50,000 in 2007. The difficulties of fighting a court battle are bad enough. However, knowing that the first decision might not draw a line under proceedings makes them ten times worse.

It is, of course, worth noting that the majority of inheritance law procedures run smoothly. Nonetheless, these developments are noteworthy. Not least because death is an inevitability that will impact us all.

Essentially, the implications of this case mean that people must now take extra care when writing a will. Even though medical progressions are increasing life expectancy, it’s never too early to think about this important file.

Leaving assets to loved ones may no longer be enough. Giving reasons for your decisions, particularly if you’ve omitted someone, could soon be a crucial stage of the process. Attorneys dealing in this field will have the best advice on the current climate, which is why using them could be imperative. That extra peace of mind could make a huge difference for everyone.

The case in Britain shouldn’t scare anyone, but it is something to take note of. After all, nobody wants their assets to end up in the wrong hands.

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