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Brazil Floods: Deadly Torrential Rains Hit Rio De Janeiro

At least nine people have been killed by flash floods in Rio de Janeiro. The mayor has declared a crisis after the Brazilian city was battered by heavy rain on Monday and Tuesday.

Brazil Floods

More than 31cm of rain (13 inches) fell in some parts of the city within 24 hours, the mayor’s office said.

Roads were closed by flooding and fallen trees. In this image (above) a bus is seen on the roadside after being hit by an uprooted tree.

Large parts of the city have been affected including Copacabana (above).

Residents have been warned to go outside only if they absolutely need to.

Mayor Marcelo Crivella said that the rains were “abnormal”. He added that the worst affected areas were the southern and western zones of the city.

Firefighters were pictured inspecting cars in a flooded tunnel (above) and in one case retrieving a car’s licence plate (below).

People have been told to avoid walking in flooded streets as the water may be contaminated.

Over 5,000 people are working to minimise problems caused by the weather, the mayor said. In this image (below), firefighters and volunteers take part in a rescue operation following a mudslide.

In November, 10 people, including at least one child, were killed in a landslide caused by flash flooding in Rio de Janeiro state.

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