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Australia, New Zealand and Others Gather at Gallipoli for Anzac Day 2015

As the centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign approaches, nations across the world are preparing to commemorate the event. The World War One campaign began on April 25th 2015 and ran until January 9th 1916. It aimed first to launch a naval attack on the peninsula and eventually capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople. April 25th is of particular importance in Australia and New Zealand, as it’s known as Anzac Day in the two countries. It’s the most significant event commemorating the lives of soldiers in their armed forces, both at Gallipoli and throughout their history.

Anzac Day 2014

Anzac Day 2014For the centenary this year, many countries are making a special effort to recognize the war efforts at Gallipoli. In fact, the Turkish government has invited 102 nations to attend a commemorative event over the 24th and 25th April 2015. The largest Anzac Day event is in Turkey. Australia and New Zealand hold three services. These include a joint Dawn Service at the Anzac Commemorative Site. There is also an Australian Memorial Service at Lone Pine and a New Zealand Memorial Service at Chunuk Bair. Anyone from the two countries who wishes to attend this year can only do so if they hold a ticket from the Australia or New Zealand ballot.

There is some concern about the Turkish government’s choice of date. The event will begin one day before Anzac Day and when the campaign at Gallipoli began. In The Independent, Robert Fisk argues that they may be attempting to brush over their involvement in the Armenian Genocide. Armenia remembers the victims of the genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire every year on April 24th. Nevertheless, the 24th is when many foreign dignitaries will be visiting. Britain’s Prince Charles and the prime ministers of Australia and New Zealand are just some who will be in attendance.

Away from Gallipoli itself, Australia, and New Zealand are still gearing up to hold their usual events for Anzac Day. One of the largest Anzac Day commemorations in Australia will be again held at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. People can also find services in Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne, as well as many other places across the country. Many other countries will be marking the events too. They will continue to remember the First World War, the centenary of the beginning of which fell last year.

Many families will be remembering their family members who were lost are Gallipoli or elsewhere during WWI. Anyone can search Australian war records to find their relatives. They can perhaps learn more about their lives and deaths. There are many events, art installations, and even TV shows this year to remember those lost at Gallipoli. Anyone who wants to get involved is almost sure to find something they can attend. There are events taking place both in Australia and New Zealand and elsewhere.

There will no doubt continue to be more commemorations over the next few years as the world remembers the First World War. Until we mark the centenary of the end of the conflict in 2018, there will be several significant events on which to reflect.

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