Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2019

Another Power Failure In Large Parts Of Venezuela

In Venezuela, for the second time in less than three weeks, came a massive power outage. Even the capital Caracas was affected.

Venezuela Power Outage

In many parts of Venezuela, the electricity supply collapsed on Monday – including in many quarters of the capital Caracas. According to the authorities, there were no subways there anymore.

Even the international airport just outside the city was affected according to a media report. Electricity was also lost in other regions, as residents in cities such as Barquisimeto, Barcelona, Ciudad Bolívar and Barinas reported in the Twitter short message service. In Maracaibo, the power supply was therefore unstable. The lights go “on and off again,” wrote Twitter users.

In early March, the worst power outage in Venezuela’s history had paralyzed the country for nearly a week. The left-nationalist leader Nicolás Maduro blamed US cyber attacks and the opposition under its leader Juan Guaidó. Maduro’s opponents, however, accuse the government of not investing enough in maintaining the infrastructure.

Guaidó had declared himself Venezuela’s interim president in January and openly challenged Maduro, who has ruled since 2013. He is supported in his attempt to depower Maduro by the US and around 50 other countries worldwide.