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Working From Home? Stay In Shape

With so many more people working from home or taking early retirement, it becomes easy to lose control over your fitness levels.  There are so many benefits for the home worker; technology has made it easier than ever before to keep in shape.  Working from home means easy access to the kitchen, and it’s hard not to resist grabbing another tempting snack. Gone too is the tedious commute,  but so is the opportunity to stretch our legs and look after our heart. Before you make a cup of coffee and sit down at the desk for the day here are some easy ways to stay in shape at home.

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Bring the Gym to you.

No one can dispute that partaking in regular exercise does not have amazing benefits. Sometimes it just seems too much effort to get out and go to the gym.  Why not bring the gym to you?  There are so many options for installing sleek and efficient fitness equipment.  Consider fitting out a corner of your garage or simply have that treadmill close to where you are working. A catalogue with no credit check has everything you might need. You can leave the desk every now and again and shake things up a little, you can look into getting some office stools.  It is a proven fact that even 10 minutes cardio work can significantly boost your brainpower. You might also consider riding your bike for a more fun way of exercising. And if you’re looking for new bikes, then you might want to see affordable options from this source.

Look Away From Time to Time

Most of us working away at home are in front of a computer screen for the majority of our time. You might not notice it, but this is not helping your eyesight at all.  You should build in periods of time when you adjust your eyes and focus on something else.  Even a few minutes each hour can help you retain your focus and prevent those killer headaches and eye deterioration. The easiest way to relieve eye strain is to spend a few minutes changing your focus from objects close to you to those far away.

Get outside.

You are set up nicely in your office, or kitchen or perhaps in a purpose built conservatory. You have your desk, your filing system, in fact, everything a home office could want.  You still need to have a regime and get outside once in awhile. You might not want to replace your commute with a walk around the block, but how about jumping on the bicycle once a day or making time to get out for a run. No one to tell you can’t come back to office sweaty and you have the option of spending as much time as you like in your bathroom suite. That wouldn’t happen at the office.

Watching what you eat.

It is easy to forget that snack may weel be sugar or salt laden. Maybe your new regime at home means you are cooking much healthier options.   There is a range of gadgets and gizmos that can help you keep track of calories, and measure the heart rate. Even pair of good old scales can help to keep you on track.

Take a break.

Know when to stop.  It’s too easy to work the hours, without the breaks that you took for granted at the office.  Find your equivalent of the water cooler, and do something else. You be pleasantly surprised at how many mental blocks come unstuck after a few baskets in the backyard.  Make sure you blow the whistle and organise your time.

Adjusting to life working from home, whether full or part time can be an attractive proposition. Ensure you keep on top of your fitness at home and you’ll take care of your physical and mental health and enjoy it for a lot longer.

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