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Wife Admits She Feels Like She’s Married to a Monster Because Hubby is Addicted to Tats!

Is it really that rare that a wife turns and admits that she feels like she’s sleeping with a monster in her bed? All marriages have problems. They can build up over time and get worse in some cases. But surely, a little communication and perhaps couple’s counseling can put it right? Not for this couple. Lisa Gordon can’t stand the sight of her husband, and it isn’t because he slept with her best friend or leaves his toenail clippings on the side. It’s because he’s covered himself head to toe in tattoos!

tattooed your arms

Lisa thought she’d found the perfect man when she met Keith. He dressed well, and loved to take care of his appearance. He had a good office job and treated her very well. When they decided to marry, it was a no-brainer for anyone who knew them!

It’s been 14 years since the pair decided to marry, but these days Lisa is having doubts. She didn’t ever think she’d look at the man she once loved and adored to see a stranger looking back at her. Keith, who is 59, took a total of 7 years to get inked all over his body and become one of the most tattooed men in the nation. Of course people stare at him when he leaves the house, and Lisa absolutely hates it.

Lisa admits that if Keith had looked the way he does now back in 2002, she never would have married him. She wanted a respectable-looking man who their children could look up to, but now she’s unsure of what she’s left with. Keith did have a few tattoos back when he was a teenager, but ended up going to a company like Vamoose tattoo removal to have them lasered off as he didn’t like them anymore.

Lisa loves it when they’re sleeping with the lights off, as she can often remember what he looked like without all of the tattoos. She says if she had a magic wand, she would instantly wave it to get rid of them all. This is hard to take for Keith, who loves his tattoos. Of course he doesn’t care what anybody else thinks of him – but he loves Lisa to bits and wants so badly for her to accept his body art.

So, what made Keith wake up one day and decide to cover his whole body in tats? He says he’s suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder for more than 40 years, and getting inked has really helped him to cope with it.

For this reason, Lisa decided to stick by her man rather than up sticks and leave. She says she can see how much happier the tattoos have made him. Before, he would drive her crazy, having to do things to do with his OCD. These days he’s so much calmer, so Lisa decided to stick with their marriage.

Lisa admits she knows she sounds shallow, and that she tries not to care. But she just can’t like the way the tattoos look no matter how hard she tries. That being said, she says she’ll stick by him through thick and thin. ‘He may be a monster, but he’s my monster’. All together now… awwwww.

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