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Why Self-Defence Is Still Cruicial Today

With crime figures not likely to drop in the near future, it has never been more important to ensure you are protected at home and out and about. More and more crime is occurring in the digital world. But incidents of personal attacks are still the crimes of opportunists trying to take advantage of you when you are alone. Handbag snatching and pick-pocketing are rife, so now is the time to consider upping your game when it comes to your personal security. Don’t let opportunists see you as a target. Prepare yourself, and you are less likely to be attacked. If you are attacked, your preparation might just save you from serious harm.


Self-defense is a multi-billion dollar business for a reason. Every year you hear horror stories in the press about how a simple handbag snatch ended badly. This is often because the victim was ill-prepared to deal with the criminal appropriately. There is a huge range of non-lethal self defense products on the market, and you would be wise to take advantage of some of them. If you are attacked, you need to get away from that person quickly and safely, and products like pepper spray and tasers are great ways to stop that person from hurting you.

Self-defense classes are also a great idea. If your attacker is bigger than you, a self-defense class will teach you how to turn that to your advantage to incapacitate him and make your escape. You will also learn how to be more aware of your surroundings and potential threats so you can avoid problems or be better prepared to tackle them. If you are not comfortable carrying a gun, you are not alone. More and more people feel extra vulnerable rather than safer if they carry a weapon. There is a huge risk that the attacker will get hold of it, and you will be badly hurt. But if carrying a gun is second nature to you, make sure to practice your aim at an indoor gun range for precise and accurate shooting. You can get the perfect gun and 9mm ammunition for you at your local gun shop.

Classes and tutorials are a great way to train you to be ready to counter any attack that may come your way. However, prevention is always the best thing to try to avoid this kind of situation. Keep expensive looking jewelry to a minimum, or try to ensure it is not on display when you are walking down the street. Keep your handbag zipped and locked, and preferably out of sight under your coat if you can. If you look wealthy because you are flashing jewelry or expensive bags, you may become a target. An attacker may assume you have plenty to steal such as credit cards and cash, cell phones and jewelry. They may even mentally justify their attack on you because they believe you can afford it. Whether you can or not, the emotional and psychological impact of being attacked is a very high price to pay.

Try to stay to well-lit areas and walk with a friend. Keep your possessions out of sight. Walk with confidence and don’t let your adrenaline get away from you. Always remember to have a Remote Weapons Safety Training first and carry your self-defense items with you.

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