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Why Mazda Is Fast Becoming The Most Popular Car Brand In The UK

Without a doubt, Mazda is recognised as one of the most-popular car marques around the world. The Japanese car manufacturer has manufactured practical and sport models over the years and continues to do so today.


Mazda has also made inroads to become more competitive over recent years, increasing their popularity among loyal customers and new ones alike. One specific market that the firm appear to be doing extremely well in, is the United Kingdom.

So what is it about Mazda that the Brits love the most?

Innovative engine technology

Over the past three years, Mazda have been heavily investing time and money into their range of SKYACTIV engines.

In a nutshell, SKYACTIV refers to their range of fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines that run at a higher compression ratio than most other engines. The benefit of high-compression engines is that they work more efficiently than low-compression ones, and, as a result, use less fuel.

The bugbear for many car manufacturers is that high-compression petrol engines tend to become unstable due to engine knock and timing issues. Diesels don’t suffer from such problems and run at a higher compression than petrol engines anyhow.

But Mazda seems to have overcome those problems, and with the emphasis being placed on creating environmentally-friendly vehicles and lowering engine emissions, the Japanese firm are poised to attract new consumers to the fold.

Hybrid engine partnership with Toyota

Another such engine technology that is popular with many consumers around the world is hybrid engine technology.

Rather than relying solely on electric motors and batteries with limited range, car manufacturers have been developing vehicles that combine those eco-friendly power plants with existing combustion engine technology, with practical and affordable auto repair in mind as well.

As a result, motorists in Britain, and indeed other parts of the world, benefit from lower emissions, significantly-increased fuel economy, and even low road taxes!

Admittedly, Mazda have been slow to embrace hybrid engine technology as most of their competitors have already produced hybrid vehicles for some time now.

But instead of “reinventing the wheel,” so to speak, Mazda have leased Toyota’s hybrid technology and are using it with their SKYACTIV engines.

A fleet manager’s dream

Company fleet managers have a tough time, because they have to satisfy the automotive demands and requirements of employees whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

In the United Kingdom, as with other parts of the world, gas guzzlers end up costing firms and their employees more money than fuel-efficient vehicles such as diesels, hybrids and electric vehicles.

Mazda is a popular choice with fleet managers because of their range of fuel-efficient vehicles and durable auto parts, according to Lifestyle Europe. Models fitted with SKYACTIV engines are clearly the best cars for the job, fully supported in just about any auto repair shop, and they all have a plethora of safety features and technology to satisfy even the fussiest of employees!

They are fun

Mazda isn’t just focused on creating fuel-efficient cars, of course. For those seeking a car that offers raw power on and off the race track, the firm manufactures models that fulfil those requirements – most notably, the MX-5 sports car!

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