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Why Is Divorce In The United Kingdom Higher Than Anywhere Else In Europe?

The divorce rate in Europe is high, but the divorce rate in the United Kingdom is the highest on the continent by some way. In fact, there is only Finland that can match the UK for the total amount of divorces per 1000 people. So, why is the rate so much higher on the small northern island than it is on the mainland? The Daily Released decided to investigate to see what it could find out, and here are the results.


For starters, the UK does not place as much emphasis on religion as the majority of countries throughout Europe. From Spain, Italy and France to Russia and Germany, the main states are very reliant of religion. Obviously, Italy and the Vatican City are home to Christianity, the main religion on the continent. And, the other countries seem to have kept with tradition. However, the United Kingdom is different. Even though David Cameron made a statement to say that it was a Christian nation, the fact is a large group of people are not religious. Religion doesn’t have the same hold on Britain as it does the rest of Europe, barring Northern Ireland.

As a result of the UK being more free from religion, cohabitation is on the rise in the country. In fact, lots of young couples are choosing to live with one another instead of getting married and moving in together. In the past, when religion was dominant, this was the opposite. Living together was not an option, and more couples married at a younger age. Due to the change, there are fewer people getting married younger and less chance of them splitting up and getting a divorce.

Also, the dynamic has evolved over time. It is fair to say that Britain is one of the most contemporary and modern countries in Europe, and they are evolving with the times. In Britain, it is no longer a stigma to get a divorce. In fact, the majority of people would recommend one if the marriage wasn’t making you happy. Back in the day, a divorce was a sign that you were not a valued part of the community, and you were shunned as a result. Nowadays, the public in Britain does not blink an eye when a person mentions they are not married.

Lawyers such as a divorce attorney are also playing a big part in divorces. Once upon a time, you could only get a divorce if you could afford a divorce attorney. If you couldn’t pay the legal fees, you couldn’t file to end your marriage. Although it might still be the case that you need to be able to afford a divorce lawyer, solicitors are far more affordable now. Indeed, HJA London is one of the most reasonable law services from Britain to Portugal.

Finally, Britons can put their divorce rate down to their parents. Children of divorce are more likely to get a divorce when they get married, which means it is a vicious cycle that is hard to break. As Britain has the highest rate of the minute, more children are subject to divorce and are more likely to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

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