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Wedding Costs: The Most Expensive US States For Weddings

The cost of weddings in the US is on the rise. Despite the fact that the average income is the same, weddings are now costing Americans more and more each year. That in itself is leaving many people will a dilemma. Should people bother to get married at all? What are the financial benefits of marrying in the USA? And, can people save themselves money by not bothering to get married? With the rising costs of weddings, it would seem that many people are opting to put off marrying their long-term partners. People are dubious about having a wedding, when they have other expenses to consider.

Marriage has for a long time been a sacred religious ceremony. Now, it would appear that marriage is too expensive for many people in the western world. Unreasonable expectations make planning a wedding almost impossible. Few people can deal with the ever-mounting stress of planning a wedding. The media have indoctrinated people into believing that a dream wedding has to cost a small fortune. Many people in the US intend to pay more than their combined annual salary for a wedding. That means that these people could find themselves in huge amounts of debt after the big day.

Which states are the most-expensive then? A recent study found that the northern states in America were some of the most-expensive places to host weddings. The average American family spends $30,000 on a wedding. That includes the cost of the reception, venue, catering, and even the wedding dress and wedding ties. With that money, you could send two children to college. With that money, you could put a down payment on your dream house. It is no wonder that some people are shying away from the idea of marriage altogether.

The survey also found that the cheapest place to get married in America is Texas. That is unsurprising, given that Texas is one of the most-affordable states in the US. Many people overlook the state when it comes to choosing a wedding destination. If you were to have a wedding in Houston, for example, you could make huge savings on every aspect of your wedding day. Look at http://www.whiteflash.com/about for wedding rings at a local Houston showroom. When you compare the prices to national standards, you find that they are much cheaper. That is not the only area where the people of Texas save money. Venue hire and receptions also cost much less than the average in the state.

Of course, there are other places where the cost of a wedding is reasonable. Many of the southern states offer weddings just below the average of $30,000. People can also cut the cost of getting married by looking for cheaper deals online. Another way to save money is by marrying during the ‘off-peak’ season. June until September is the peak season for weddings. Many people can save money by not marrying in the peak season and opting for another time of year in which to marry. Despite these ways to save money, the gap in wedding prices from state to state still exists.

What the survey means for the greater population is that the ability to afford a wedding depends on where in the country you live. If you happen to live in the south of America, the cost of a wedding is affordable. No matter where your wedding venue is scheduled, the cost of a wedding should not cripple your finances. In some states, though, people can’t afford to have a basic wedding, never mind their dream wedding. That means that some people in the USA are missing out on getting married just because of where they live.


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