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Under The Surface – The Societies You Might Not Know About

Our life and style section isn’t just about what you can do to immediately impact your life. Sometimes we also take a look at this mighty interesting world of ours and things you might not know about. Like the secret societies lying under the surface of normal life. No doubt you’ve heard about the Illuminati or the New World Order aiming to control everything we do. What’s the truth behind these groups? What secret societies actually exist and what impact do they have in the world? Let’s take a dip under the surface of the world and take a look.


The Masonic Fraternity

The Masonic Fraternity, or the Freemasons as they are also known, are perhaps the most famous of all ‘secret’ societies. Both Richard Pryor and George Washington were Freemasons. The society originated from stonemasons but has since grown to incorporate all kinds of people. Though still little understood, the Freemasons is a group of societies, or Lodges, that are actually very public. You can even get a Masonic apron. It’s a group of people sharing beliefs in fraternity and the motivation to help one another out. Definitely the least sinister on the list.

The Skull and Bones

A collection of some of the rich and powerful, the Skull and Bones are significantly less open than the Freemasons. Publicity from members has dubbed them as little more than a frat club for the upper-crust. Still, there has always be speculation that this accumulation of all that wealth and power in one place has purpose. Some thing it might be one of the forming pillars of an order that exists to only further the influence of the few over the many.

The Bilderburg Group

The source of a thousand and one conspiracy theories. The Bilderburg Group is a group of the supremely influential. Royalty, top levels of the government and CEOs from around the world come to the Bilderburg meetings. Board members from IBM, bankers and the King of Spain himself have been here. Publically, they state that they host informal discussions on the megatrends of the world. It’s widely regarded that many of the policy shifts we see in modern society come from these very meetings.


Now we get right down into the occult. The supernatural and secret societies go hand in hand and this might be thanks to the Rosicrucians. This has supposedly survived through the times of the pharaohs and Charlemagne and is dedicated to exploring the mystic. They are said to investigate the esoteric truths of our past and secrets long lost to normal men. It’s hard to know how true this is. Still, there are lots of these groups still running, keeping whatever secrets they may have discovered to themselves.

Special mention: The Priory of Sion

Given popularity in recent media thanks to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. The Priory of Sion supposedly exists to worship pagan goddesses and keep hidden things like the Holy Grail hidden. It’s fantastic stuff and certainly worthy of a novel. However, the Priory is long regarded as a hoax more than anything. Some say it was even created as an anti-Semitic, anti-Freemason hoax to bring negative attention onto such groups.

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