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TV Documentary Reveals Truth About a Popular Celebrity Spa

A popular spa that often attracts A-list celebrities and well known public figures has been shown in a new light in an unflattering TV documentary. The likes of Victoria Beckham and Tony Blair have all enjoyed stays at this popular resort, yet it appears that not all is as it seems. Read on to learn more about this story:


The spa in question is Champneys Tring, and the documentary aired last week. Over 100 hours of footage was captured to reveal the truth about this famous spa, filmed from October to January. Shockingly, many of the guests were left unhappy and complaining about everything from dirty rooms to less than appealing food. There were even issues with the service that staff provided at the spa. The managerial staff don’t seem to be with it, often in a state of chaos and unable to handle certain situations as easily as they should.

The famous Barbra Streisand has even spent time at this spa, although she never revealed what she thought of the place. During the show, we see a mystery guest read out a report that says the staff left bins overflowing with unsanitary products, and low quality towels left all over the room. One room wasn’t cleaned from when the last guests were there! Champneys should have at least used high quality, spa style towels for their guests. If anyone from Champneys Tring is reading this, find out more here.

This is truly shocking coming from a spa that charges so much for overnight stays, products, and services. You would at least expect a tidy room with clean towels inside! Other Champney’s spas over the UK seem to be held in higher esteem than Champneys Tring.

The group operations director has said that since they were made aware of the issues shown, they have gone out of their way to improve the spa in any way they can. They have even made staffing changes to improve complaints of bad service and to get managerial duties in check.

For a spa that celebrates its 90th birthday next year, you’d think they would know all too well the mistakes that spas can make, and aim to avoid them. However, It doesn’t seem that this is the case! Saying that, over 10 properties are being refurbished, all the way up to November 2015 in order to make the place look more appealing to clients. A massive £10 million investment has been made, to avoid anything like this happening in the future. Champney’s put emphasis on the fact that they don’t just wish for celebrity clientele, but guests like me and you too. They are hoping that the improvements to be made over the next few months will attract all kinds of clients and redeem their reputation as a fantastic health spa.

You can see just by looking on Tripadvisor and similar sites that Champneys Tring needed work. Rushed treatments and staff that don’t seem to know what they are doing are just a few things commented on in the reviews.

Would you visit Champneys knowing that improvements have been made, or have you been put off for life?

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