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Top Reasons Brits Are Moving To Spain In 2014

British people have been emigrating to Spain en masse since the 1960s. However, more and more families seem to leave every year. In 2014, thousands of people made the decision to sell their possessions, uproot and start a new life in the sun. Today, we’re going to look at some of the reasons that keeps happening. Is the UK such a bad country to live in? Does Spain have something better to offer? That is what we hope to determine throughout the course of this post.

Fiscal Bridge Pyrenees

If you plan to follow the others and purchase a property in the Costa Del Sol over the next twelve months. It will make sense for you to start making plans today. Buying a home in Spain is not as simple as you might think. You’re going to need to assistance of a British solicitor who specialises in foreign property purchases. That is because the laws are significantly different in this country. Also, you need an NIE Number for Spain, but you can get one of those in around a month after making your application.

Here are some of the reasons Brits are moving to Spain in 2014…

The fantastic weather

While it does rain in Spain occasionally, the country experiencing an encouraging climate for most of the year. Indeed, average temperatures are, usually, well over 28 degrees Celsius. That means people can leave their winter coats at home in the UK because they’re not going to need them. Better climates, usually, mean better overall health, which is why so many retired people have been choosing to emigrate to this nation.

The tasty food

Spanish cuisine in second to none. Food prices are also very cheap, which means a meal at a top restaurant is not going to cost the earth. Dishes like Zarangollo, Tumbet and Tortilla de patatas are available from almost every food business in the country. There are also some amazing food markets where people can purchase fresh goods and make their own.

The laid-back lifestyle

The number of jobs available in Spain has increased in recent times. Still, most people emigrate to this country with the intention of spending their days relaxing in the sunshine. Indeed, that is why so many people over the age of 65 opt to move here. Even if people do plan to work and earn a living, the lifestyle is so much more laid-back than at home. People are usually home from their jobs by mid-afternoon, and so there is lots of time for socialising and spending time with the family.

Having read to the end of this article, you should be left with no doubts about why people keep leaving the UK in favour of Spain. Will this trend continue into 2015? You can bet your life on it. Spain has a large amount of untouched countryside that is perfect for development. While we Brits keep our obsession with moving to the sun, Spanish construction firms will keep building.

Perhaps you would like to follow suit and make arrangements over the coming months? You never know; it could be the best thing you ever do.

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