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Top Four Careers for Social Work Degree Graduates

Conflict is everywhere, which is why many top careers specialize in conflict resolution. Graduates with management or social work degrees build their careers around their ability to bring two fighting sides to a truce, whether it is a divorcing couple or those fighting to overcome the social injustice of the world. Considering the combative personality of the recent president elect, the U.S. could use more conflict resolution specialists in its workforce over the next four years. Here are four top jobs where you can keep the peace with your degree.

Social Work Degree Graduates


If you wish to get into counseling, you can further your career by adding conflict management as part of your education. According to ACU, those who seek to work in private practice, which is more profitable, learn conflict resolution skills to broaden their scope. This does not mean you cannot change the world, however. Counselors who specialize in human rights or helping trauma victims polish their craft by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the volatile side of human nature and how to recover from the ramifications of it.

Human Resources Manager

One of the biggest places of conflict is the workplace. Humans are competitive, and many will “claw” their way to the top with little regard for those around them. A human resources manager sees the worst in both men and women and must mediate workplace battles on a regular basis. This includes legal infractions, such as discrimination, and a Case Western Reserve University infographic shows how those with social degrees can encourage workplace diversity and inclusion. Click here to learn more about Case’s social work degree and to peruse the infographic.


You might think a mediator is just for a divorce proceeding but there is much more to the career than a couple who has had enough of each other. Yes, mediators do try to help a separating couple come to a final agreement, but they also work in the business and government sectors. These specialists are hired to listen to both sides, take into account all concerns each side has, and then help the combative parties come to a mutually agreed-upon resolution. For tough corporate mergers, government versus public disputes, and employers versus unions, a good mediator proves invaluable.

Social Justice Support

Activism is alive and well, and those on the march need the help of a professional to negotiate for their cause. Social work includes diving in where injustice is found and fighting in the trenches. Those in the conflict resolution role offer their support by organizing community events and meetings, becoming involved in programs for the needy, lobbying for causes such as the environment and equal rights, and negotiating through legal forums as well. If you’re looking to make a difference on a local or global level, social justice may be a good way to use your degree.

Social work of any kind requires conflict resolution. Whether you are going to battle for a new homeless shelter or ensuring the children’s’ rights are protected through a divorcing couple’s settlement, you need the power of persuasion on your side. If you are a good negotiator, boost your skillset with the right education and find a lucrative and rewarding career in one of the four listed above.

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