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The Science behind a Healthy Sleep Explained

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, roughly 1 in 3 people suffer from insomnia. This number is particularly worrying because getting a restful night’s sleep is incredibly important for personal health and wellbeing. Bed experts, FADS.co.uk, are dedicated to helping provide a platform for people to enjoy a full, healthy sleep every night of their life by creating beds that are both comfortable and good for the body.

The furniture specialists have produced an infographic detailing how the structure of the bed and the mattress helps support a quality night’s sleep and what actually happens while you sleep. This will help you better understand why getting between 7 and 9 hours’ sleep a night is essential to you functioning properly during your waken hours.

The infographic continues by including a few sleeping facts including how slumber can be beneficial for weight loss and brain development. The sleeping facts include the sleeping patterns and lengths of some of the world’s most famous and most powerful people.

Helpfully, the people at FADS concluded the infographic by sharing a few of their time-tested tips for falling asleep, perfect for those 1 in 3 insomnia sufferers who want access to the multitude of sleep benefits.

Science of Sleep Infographic


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