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The Reasons Why Becoming A Lawyer Is A Good Career Move

The number of lawsuits in the US increases each year. In 2014 alone, there were around 15 million civil lawsuits filed. With such a high number of lawsuits in the US, there is a growing need for attorneys in all fields of law.

While many people presume that a career in law isn’t for them – the long hours may be off-putting, the benefits of working in law are high. Before deciding that a career in law isn’t for them, it is important that people are aware of all the advantages of a career in law.

LawyerHere are some of the most common benefits of becoming a lawyer.

High earning potential

Lawyers are among some of the highest paid people in the world, the earning potential for a good lawyer is incredible. The majority of attorneys earn salaries far above the national average.

The highest earning potential for lawyers comes from working for larger law firms. However, lawyers working for small law firms also make a good amount.


Anyone who has a career in law is considered a very successful individual. Having a career in law is seen as a hallmark of success.

Lawyers with impressive degrees and high incomes are considered to be elite. In the US, anyone who has made it as a lawyer is seen as being very successful. For anyone who wants to be successful, a career in law is perfect.

Help others

Lawyers are in the perfect position to help other people. Lawyers have the opportunity to help and support individuals fighting for the greater good. One of the biggest benefits of a career in law is being able to help bring about change and help and support others.

Lawyers from The O’Connell Law Firm, for instance, spend most of their time helping and supporting ¬†people. A big part of being a lawyer is helping and supporting people, which, of course, is also a major benefit of the job.

Intellectually rewarding

Of all the jobs on the planet, working as a lawyer is one of the most intellectually rewarding. Lawyers are problem solvers and innovative thinkers; there is no legal problem they can’t solve.

Being a lawyer requires excellent intellectual skill – without it, a lawyer would have no success. To be able to win cases and come up with ways to help clients, intellectual knowledge is a must.

Work environment

While small firm lawyers tend to work in cramped spaces, lawyers working in larger firms enjoy large office spaces.

In larger law firms, lawyers enjoy plush offices, have support staff on tap, and lots of other perks. While the working environments of many careers are not pleasant, those of a lawyer are often, beautiful.

The other perks

As well as all these benefits, there are also many other perks of being a lawyer. These include the opportunity to travel, work with celebrities, and fantastic career advancement opportunities.

Across the world, there are billions of lawsuits each year, meaning that there is always a need for new legal minds. There are hundreds of benefits of a career in law; these are just a few. And, if you are a new lawyer looking for legal placement opportunities, you may search online or contact a legal recruitment agency or a legal recruiter.

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