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Should horoscopes be believed?

Derived from the Greek “horoscopas”, which means ‘observer of time, a horoscope is a means of identifying particular character traits, or impactful events by way of astrological charts that relate planetary and lunar aspects to the moment of birth. Many people believe that our destinies have been planned from the moment we were born.


For thousands of years astrologers have used star charts and the time, date, and location of birth to determine the importance of certain relationships and character traits, as well as identifying key relationship and career prospects. Today, many of us rely on the same techniques to choose a particular career path, plan our finances, or find a partner. Sovereigns and celebrities are not the only figures that have relied on their zodiac signs to influence life, love and everything in between. More relationship and love advice at groenerekenkamer.com.

Of course, it’s easy to be skeptical; astrology relies on our ability to see beyond the earthly plain, and to accept that some matters are simply out of our control. It’s perhaps easier to dismiss such notions, than to believe our destinies are decided for us. Whatever you believe, there is some evidence to suggest that there is truth in horoscopes – if only we can remain open minded.

Horoscopes are grounded in truth

While the horoscopes that you might read in newspapers, magazines, or on social media have probably been crafted by someone with very little knowledge of astrology, the science of charting the stars and planets is real. Astrologists have been using lunar, star, and planetary charts to determine important, and personal events for millennia. The science of astrology has evolved over many centuries as our understanding of the solar system and the universe has improved. However, those ancient techniques first used to predict our fate have remained the same; analysis of a person’s birthdate, time, and location, when paired with planetary and lunar aspects can tell an astrologist a great deal about personality and circumstances.

Our birthdates can reflect our personalities and choices

Should you take the time to study an astrology site in depth, you’ll soon come to realize that birthdates, and therefore the zodiac signs we’re born under usually make a great deal of sense. Take Capricorns, for example. Born between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorns are typically ambitious and goal-orientated, which is in keeping with the philosophy of New Year’s Resolutions. Tenacious, sensitive, and creative Cancers, meanwhile, are born between June 21st and July 22nd; the early summer months no doubt soothe and inspire those born under this sign. The time of year we are born goes a long way toward influencing the kinds of people we become – much as our horoscopes do.

Our horoscopes can help us to pick out lottery numbers

Did you know that it’s possible to use your horoscope to determine your luckiest lottery numbers? Our birthdate, time, location, and astrological influences can determine the digits, and arrangements of numbers that mean the most to us; from a lucky number to an age you’re most likely to achieve a particular goal, the stars really can have the answer. Indeed, those wondering how to pick winning lottery numbers will frequently turn to their sign’s luckiest numbers in order to place their bets; astrological intervention is among the top 5 most popular ways that people choose their lottery numbers. Virgos are particularly fond of this method of picking numbers, as their penchant for over thinking can make purchasing tickets particularly tricky…! What are your luckiest numbers?

33% of Americans can’t be wrong… can they?

There’s a vast amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest that horoscopes are accurate to some degree; some 33% of Americans regularly trust their horoscopes when it comes to making important life decisions, or simply navigating the day. It’s easy to be skeptical when a handful of people are reporting that their horoscopes have proven true. However, it’s difficult to ignore the experiences, and testimonies of millions of people every year. Could there be more to horoscopes than first meets the eye?

Horoscopes allow us to shape our own destinies

Perhaps most significantly, horoscopes can help us to navigate our own path through life. Belief is a powerful thing, which can help to sway our experiences or identify truths in our lives. As you’d expect the majority of daily horoscopes are written for a more general audience; unless you’ve sought the personal guidance of an astrologer and scheduled an Astrology Character Reading Consultation Appointment it would be impossible to tailor a zodiac reading to millions of people sharing the same sign. You may look online, if you want to schedule a multifaceted character reading consultation. That doesn’t mean that they’re made up. Indeed, it would appear that our interpretation of our horoscopes could actually go some way towards fulfilling predictions and highlighting particular characteristics. In this respect horoscopes can indeed influence and shape our future – as long as we remain open-minded to their meaning.

Unfortunately the answer to this article’s titular question is a rather complicated one. While there are those who would walk to the ends of the earth if their horoscope commanded it, others are more skeptical – and neither party is likely to be swayed by the other. Astrology has long been used to create personal profiles, guide lifestyle choices, and predict events, with varying degrees of success. Indeed, there can be little denying that the power of belief is a wonderful thing; if enough people continue to place their faith in a particular notion, or ideology then its relevance – and truth – will surely prosper.

Perhaps it would be easier to ask whether you believe in horoscopes. After all, we tend to make, and accept our own truths as we walk through life. By all means read your horoscope, and choose whether its words are relevant, prophetic, or nonsense. Created to influence, motivate, and inspire our lives horoscopes are one more way for us to face a cruel and uncertain world. If their truth speaks to you, by all means embrace it.

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