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Selling Cars Privately is a Hassle Says Consumers

If you follow the information put out by mainstream media outlets, you should have seen a number of articles over the last few weeks hinting that consumers are more confident and happy when selling to garages or other companies than on the private market. Whilst this is probably true, none of the articles we came across went into enough detail when explaining the reasoning, and so we decided to write a similar post with a little more depth. Hopefully, after reading through all the information we’ve chosen to include, the claim you keep hearing on TV and in the newspapers will make a little more sense.

Selling Cars Privately

For the most part, those who do opt to sell on the private market use online auction websites like eBay, and we feel these techniques could be partly to blame for their lack of confidence in private sales. Often, people who sell on auction websites agree to a “cash on collection” policy, which means, although the car has been technically sold, the chances are the buyer will still try to haggle with them when coming to pick it up.

More Can Go Wrong Privately

When you sell a car directly to a garage or an online dealership, you’re covered in many different ways you’d wouldn’t be by selling privately. For instances, the chances of a business owner paying you in fake £50 notes are pretty slim, but even if they did, you’d be able to solve the issue. However, if the same happened with a private buyer, would you really be able to locate them again? And, if you did, would you have the confidence to confront them and take your car back? Probably not I’d imagine.

Car Business Owners Offer A Good Deal

In the past, anyone involved in the trade of second hand cars would have been deemed to be unreliable and sneaky. However, this really isn’t the case anymore, and many people find they’re able to get to going rate for their vehicle. So, if you’re wondering “who can value my car fairly?”, you should definitely get online and find out what these companies are willing to offer. We’re almost certain it will be competitive against the amount you could receive via a private sale.

Part Exchange Benefits

The likelihood of you achieving a suitable part exchange for your car on the private market is slim to none, but this is something regularly on offer from companies who deal with second hand models. Often, you’ll end up getting a better deal than you might have ended up with if you would have sold for cash, and so this is yet another reason why so many people are moving away from private sales. Don’t misunderstand us here, occasionally you might find someone looking to make a swap, but you have more chance of winning the lottery than them having the type of vehicle you want.

So, after reading through all that information and digesting it for a moment, we’re sure you now understand a little more about why so many people are staying away from auction sites for this kind of sale. As with anything in this world, you usually get the best deal if you take some time to speak to the experts.

Catch you back here soon for more interesting motoring news.

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