Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2019

Prince William As A “Senior Intern” At The Intelligence Service

Prince William has spent a week each with the MI5 domestic intelligence service, the MI6 foreign intelligence service, and GCHQ cybersecurity.

Prince William

Agent on Her Majesty’s behalf: Prince William spent three weeks as a kind of senior intern at British intelligence agencies. The three-week taster course ended on Saturday, Kensington Palace announced. The number two of the British throne each spent a week at the domestic intelligence service MI5, the foreign intelligence MI6, and the cybersecurity GCHQ.

The intelligence services did an excellent job of ensuring the safety of the British, William said. For him, it was a “lesson in humility” to spend time with the security and intelligence organizations.

Prince William was in the military for more than seven years. He then worked as a pilot of a rescue helicopter.