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Preparing the Stage for a School Concert or Recital

School concerts are some of the most exciting activities students can look forward to. Whether the event is showcasing high school bands or college musical clubs, both students and faculty members alike are sure to have a great time watching the performances. You can dress up the stage even a portable stage with different-themed backdrops for events to evoke the appropriate mood. For example, if your club will be performing songs from movies like Grease, you can try renting Hollywood backdrops to reinforce the motif. In addition, music students may benefit from online resources for music education offered by organizations like Save the Music Foundation. If your kids show interest in playing musical instruments like violin, they may take violin lessons. Enrolling them in music lessons can help develop and enhance their skills in music. And if your kids are interested in acting and want to pursue a career in it, then you may enroll them in professional acting schools.

Stage for a School Concert or Recital

If you want to make your school concert a success, you have to keep in mind these five tips when planning it.

Confirm the auditorium or hall to use

School auditoriums vary in stage size and seating capacity. Depending on your event venue, you may need to consider the sound systems to use. For instance, will you be performing in your school’s main auditorium? If so, you may need to check the venue’s microphones, amplifiers, and jacksfor the in-built sound system. For stage productions like A West Side Story, you should also look for the tools you will need to put up ready-made city backdrops on the stage. If your school club is holding a concert on open grounds, you may need some extra help from technicians from sites like https://www.signalsolutions.com/audio-visual-san-francisco in setting up your sound and lighting systems.

Plan your rehearsal times

Different class schedules will always get in the way of rehearsals. This is why it’s important to meet with your staff and artiststo plan the best times for your practice. If your classes end in different times throughout the day, you could try scheduling a common time after school. If not, try a lunch break rehearsal.

High schools usually have classes on weekdays only, which makes weekends the best time for rehearsals. Colleges on the other hand, may have classes on Saturdays. Depending on the schedule of your performers, you can even try Sundays so as not to interfere with their classes. If you need to buy new strings of a violin, make sure to get the best quality.

Get backup members if needed

This is one of the best contingencies to have, just in case a member can’t make it to the event. If one has an exam that they need to review for, then getting another person to take their place can save the show. School clubs often have backup members if they need to change performers at the last minute. If this is the case, your club needs to prepare a list of members that are available for the event. At least one or two alternate members could be assigned to one role if you can spare the manpower.

Promote using social media and announcement boards

If your club’s budget can afford it, try printing posters and leaflets for distribution. These can be posted on school announcement boards or in local cafés near your school. The latter is a useful option if you’re planning to invite outsiders to attend your event.

Another route is to make a Facebook page that you can share within your school’s community. If you’re strapped for cash, social media can be a great way to promote your concert without spending a cent on advertising material. You can use the money you saved to print playbills for those in attendance so that they will know what kinds of songs you’ll be playing, we have the best kind of gear for our students, from pianos, guitars to the best wah pedals on the market.

Assign a cleanup crew

At the end of the day, you’ll always need someone to help clean the venue. While the school may have a cleanup crew, having your club members pitch in is a great gesture. It shows that your club is responsible enough to care for the school’s environment. When cleaning up after the event, you can assign members to help with moving the instruments offstage or help sweep the auditorium.

Preparing for these productions is never an easy task, especially if you’ve got members with different class schedules. However, this is a great opportunity to showcase the talents of different students. You can even foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork as you all work to bring these productions to life. All you need is a great sense of dedication to put on a show that everyone can enjoy.

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