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Posters Of Jennifer Lawrence Banned In Jerusalem

This story is not your typical celebrity story. In fact, the reality of things is that this piece is about much more than just a movie poster. It is all about censorship in the modern world. Over the years, censorship has come a long way, but sometimes a story hits that shows how far we still have to go. In recent news, the authorities are censoring some of the posters in one city.

Jennifer Lawrence

The new Hunger Games flick, Mockingjay Part 2, is about to hit cinemas around the world. The film franchise is one of the biggest and best-selling ones of all time. Around the world, the streets have many different posters from the series. Of course, the majority of these adverts have an image of the film’s number one star on it. Jennifer Lawrence has played the central character in the movie for many years. In a way, she is the real icon of the movie series.

Vandalized posters

The first we heard of this story was that people in Jerusalem had been vandalizing some of the movie posters. There were reports that individuals had torn down the posters when they saw them. That means that many people took offense to the image of a woman on the film poster. Since the poster did not have images of the male stars, they began tearing down the adverts. All over the region, there seemed to be some real issues with these film adverts. These posters, which contained a picture of Jennifer Lawrence, were causing controversy.

To understand this story well, you need to know a little about the state of things in the region. In some areas, it is illegal to put up posters that depict women on them. In Jerusalem, the law does not prohibit these posters, but the government has found the vandalism to be an issue.

For that reason, they have decided to change the signs so that they don’t cause offense to anyone in the area. The adverts in the area are the same as the original poster; only they do not have an image of the star on them. One PR rep from the movie said, “We discovered that public posters with the image of a female are often torn down in Jerusalem.”

Confirmation from Nur Star Media

Nur Star Media are the group that makes the film posters. Today, they have confirmed that the rumors about these adverts are true. That means that they have printed posters without the image of Jennifer Lawrence on them. They have distributed these new posters to companies in Jerusalem.

So, what does this story mean for the movie world? Well, it is important that the entertainment industry is respectful of people’s cultures. The film industry is a global thing, and so those who work in it must understand what it means to people around the world. When it comes to advertising, it is crucial that posters don’t offend people. Having said that, censorship in all its forms does not help.

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