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Owner Shocked As Cat is Found in Rubbish Chute

The owner of a tabby cat was shocked and appalled when she discovered her beloved cat injured inside of a bin in a locked shed. The traumatised cat called Tigger was assaulted by an unknown person after wandering out of his owner’s flat. There’s no way the cat could have made it down there alone, as the door is heavy and needs to be pulled open – proof that a sick individual threw the poor cat down the chute.

poor cat downThe mum of one owner Danielle Rennie, who loves in Wyndford Road, said that her beloved Tigger would have been forced down the shoot, falling 3 floors into the locked shed underneath. She said, ‘I can’t understand why anyone would do this to a poor, defenseless animal. It’s disgusting. My poor Tigger is traumatised and not himself!’.

The story is very shocking, and reminiscent of the story of a cat who got put in a rubbish bin with the lid down by a woman who simply walked past the cat on wall, petted it to gain it’s trust, and then swiftly dropped it in the green wheelie bin after making sure nobody was watching. Luckily, the woman was caught on camera, but escaped with just a £250 fine. The woman was publicly vilified, but the judge ruled that she showed genuine remorse so showed pity. Animal lovers found this outrageous and many wanted her to be locked away. She could have got as much as 6 months in prison or a £20,000 fine. The poor distressed cat was found in the bin 15 hours later by it’s owner Darryl Mann. The woman blamed the offence on stress, saying that her father was seriously ill after he had a fall. The woman, Mary Bale, also had to pay costs of £1,171 and is banned from keeping or owning animals for 5 years. Luckily, Lola the cat has no long term injuries and is back to her old self.

The same can not be said for Tigger, the poor cat of Danielle Rennie. Danielle has had Tigger since he was a kitten, and luckily found him in the locked shed after hearing his panicked cries coming from the area. Tigger has a painful swelling on his side as a result of the fall. At first, Danielle thought the cat has escaped as she took her dog for a walk, but became increasingly worried as the day without him went on. Now, Tigger spends a lot of time hiding under his owner’s bed.

Both incidents were no doubt expensive for both owners, costing them medical fees and treatment costs. However, buying medication for their pets was the least of the owner’s worries. Vidalta tablets for cats come cheap, but they now face a lifetime of taking care of nervous cats due to unexplained, unacceptable human behaviour. Let’s hope nothing like this happens again – although it probably will, and that’s the unfortunate truth. Cats can be kept safer when treated as a housepet, rather than left to their own devices outside.

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