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Men Have the Edge in Passing Their UK Driving Tests

Recently released figures have revealed that men get a perfect score on their first driving test more often than women. The statistics show that in the year 2012/13, 1.3% of men passed their test first time with a perfect score, while 1% of women did the same. Of the 1.3 million people who sat the test overall, just 39% passed, with or without errors. The statistics come from a recent Freedom of Information request.

Driving TestsOut of 651,037 people taking their test, only 7,381 managed to pass first time with zero faults. 4,172 of these were men, while 3,209 were women, meaning 963 more men than women gained a perfect pass the first time. These numbers don’t necessarily indicate that men are better drivers than women. Perfect pass rates are low overall, as are pass rates in general. In addition, how well a first-time driver does on their driving test may not indicate much about how they will drive once out on the road.

There were also several differences revealed in pass rates across the UK. These regional differences were most notable between Scotland and England. Arbroath in Scotland had the best perfect pass rate in Britain, with 6.6% of drivers passing their test first time with no errors. The perfect pass rate for women in Arbroath was 9.8%, the highest score for women in the UK. The highest score for men was 8.3%, on the Isle of Mull. However, just one man on the island scored a first-time pass with no faults. This makes the statistic slightly less impressive, as lower numbers make statistics less reliable.

For drivers wanting the best chance of passing first time in England, learning to drive in Melton Mobray could help. Test-takers in the Leicestershire town passed their test with a perfect score at a rate of 4.6%. Other areas performed lower than the national average. For example, across Merseyside just 25 men and 15 women out of 11,127 test-takers scored a perfect pass on their first driving test. This works out at 0.5% of men and 0.3% of women who passed without errors.

Theory tests have also been in the news recently. The same statistics revealed that one woman has spent over £3,000 taking her theory test 110 times. She is yet to pass her test. The national average pass rate of the theory test is 65.4%. Though this is better than the statistics for the practical test, it still leaves 35.6% of people having to retake their test. Although most new drivers won’t need to take their test as many as 110 times, booking online makes arranging a theory test easy. On http://www.booktheorytesttoday.com new drivers can book a theory test at any UK test centre. They can book tests for learning to drive a car, motorbike, bus, or coach.

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