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Making The Move: A Guide To Relocating To Canada

Canada, the US’s Northern neighbour, is the world’s second largest country and is home to over 30 million people. Many of which aren’t native Canadians. Instead, they’ve immigrated from another part of the world. Canada is an extremely beautiful country that’s lucky enough to boast a wonderfully diverse landscape. As well as being home to an array of villages, towns, and cities. Being such a diverse place, Canada has a lot to offer. Which is what makes it such a popular destination when it comes to immigration.


It’s no secret that Canada is highly sought after in terms of immigration. But what’s the process of moving from your home country to Canada? Let’s find out.

Take a trip to Canada first

Even if you’ve been to Canada before, it’s best to plan a pre-move trip there. This will allow you to look at the country as a potential home, instead of just as a vacation destination. Plan a trip that lasts at least a week, to give yourself enough time to decide where in Canada you want to live. Don’t forget to get your visa or eTA approved before booking your plane tickets, else you won’t be able to enter the country. To find out more about what you need to do, visit official-canada-eta.com and have a browse.

Apply for permanent Canadian residency

Once you’ve got back from your trip, the next step is to apply for permanent Canadian residency. It’s important to leave plenty of time for this, as else your residency permit may not come through in time for your move. You can get help from professionals at The Echavarria Law Firm – South Texas Legal Group. You’ll need at least six to eight weeks from when you apply to when you want to move, to ensure that it’s all sorted by the time you make the move.

Start house hunting

Once your residency permit has been approved – it doesn’t have to of arrived, you can then start house hunting. While you could do this in person, there’s no need to. Instead, search for a property online and ask the estate agents to do a live online tour of any that you like for you to have a look around. Or, if you’re not comfortable agreeing to a property without seeing it in person, ask for a property with a short-term let. This is so that you have somewhere to move to but can then keep looking for a home that you love. For a guide to what to avoid when house hunting, check out hgtv.com.  In addition, make sure to conduct land surveying before purchasing a real estate property. You may contact a professional land surveying company that provides land surveying services to private and public entities.

Get all the other details sorted

Once you’ve got your residency permit and house sorted, the next step is to focus on all the last bits that need doing. Such as, finding jobs in Calgary, if you don’t already have one lined up. Researching the local area to find out what amenities there are, from supermarkets to schools. It will take you time to get everything sorted out. But once you’ve got all the most important aspects of your move planned, such as the service you’ll use to ship your belongings, you can relax. There’s a lot of stress that comes with moving, especially moving abroad. When you get the drain cleaning services done by a competent CCTV Drain Survey London team, they can deal with the requirements in no time which otherwise would have been a huge concern for any layman to manage.

Canada is an amazing country that’s packed full of fantastic opportunities. If you’re thinking of relocating, Canada could just be the perfect place.

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