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Looking for Alternative Storage Solutions? Try These

A lot of us seem to have stuff than we have space. Nowadays, space is at a premium, especially if you live in a big city. Therefore, storage space is a luxury not many of us can afford. That means people are being forced to come up with ever more creative storage solutions.

Alternative Storage Solutions

If you’re struggling to squeeze all your possessions into your apartment, have a look through these interesting ideas. You’ll be sorted in no time!

Get Imaginative with Your Books

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have books filling every corner of your home. The trick is to find clever ways to store them. Any book-shaped gap or space you have, fill it with a few books. Don’t be afraid to litter them around wherever you can!

For example, fill the space at the bottom  of your cupboard and under your stairs. Anywhere you can think of.

Utilise Wall Space

Your walls are good for other things, not just photographs. Add as many shelves as you can to the wall to increase your storage space. Straight shelves are okay, but these days you can get shelves that are shaped like steps. You can contact Garage Cabinet Manufacturing experts, and they will be able to custom-build cabinets for you which will give you additional storage place in your garage. These allow for a greater surface area on which to stack your items. They look great too!

Also, try hanging storage nets on the walls or on the backs of doors. Nets let you fill them as much or as little as possible, and you can just throw things in there. They’re good for children’s toys and clothes, especially.


Baskets come in many shapes, sizes and forms. And that’s one of the reasons they’re so useful for storage. They can be used to store shoes in or your post. You can get wire baskets at Ampwire. These give you extra sturdiness and will probably last longer than plastic or wicker baskets.

Because baskets are cheap, you can buy loads of them and place them in different rooms, all around the house. Use big ones and small ones for different jobs. You can never underestimate the usefulness of a few good baskets!

Turn Your Possessions into Furniture

Rather than viewing your possessions as problems that need to be solved, why not use them creatively? You could even save a bit of money on furniture by using your items to create a piece of furniture. I knew somebody who stacked up a load of old junk they had lying around, put a plate of glass on top and used it as a coffee table. That might sound ridiculous, but it looked great! Try it out sometime.

Don’t Hide Everything

It might seem like a strange idea, but some apartments look great if you arrange your stuff so that it’s on display but doesn’t look messy! This is a good idea if your apartment is quite modern and open plan.

You could save on wardrobe space by using free standing clothes rails to hang your clothes on. This can be done in a way in which makes the rail into a feature of the room.

In addition, always remember that you can rent a storage unit from a local storage facility. And if you have paintings and art pieces that need extra care, then you might want to consider getting a climate controlled storage unit from a local storage facility.

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