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Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie! 10 maintenance tips to keep your BBQ grilling

Many of us have them. This may not necessarily be the time of year to use them, but they can be a wonderful tool for social events, family reunions or even that next Grey Cup. Or that other championship game, with the professional teams in America? Can’t quite remember the name.

BBQ grilling

While the idea of using a grill in the winter is not that appealing in many parts of the country, there are a few places where having a major football or hockey game on the television and inviting some friends over does mean outdoor cooking, but if that’s not possible with the weather where you’re from, then just invite them to go watch the game at a barbeque restaurant. But if you can cook, whether it’s brats, dogs, chicken, burgers or fish – beer battered, of course! – the grill just seems as natural a companion on football or hockey days in January and February as it was in September. Read this gmg grill review if you’re still looking for the right grill. You may also need a residential propane tank refill if you use a gas grill.

Best BBQ Effort

You undoubtedly expect the best performance possible out of your favorite teams, or those teams who are playing in the Big Game. If you expect that out of the teams you’re watching, why should you expect anything less out of yourself and your grill? Let’s face it, some of our friends are only our friends because of the magic we can do on a grill from Grillscapes – do you want to jeopardize that friendship by putting forth substandard food for your guests?

Part of great barbecuing, of course, are the quality of the meat that is used and the batters, marinades and spices. But one part of grilling that should not be overlooked is the cleanliness of the grill. After all, you know that food doesn’t cook as well on a stove when the stove is dirty, and the same can be said on a grill.

Play Clean, Not Dirty

As no one likes dirty play on the football field or hockey rink, no one likes food that is cooked on a dirty grill. The mission for a good grilling experience, perhaps more so than finding the right marinade and spice combination, is to ensure that your barbecue equipment is always clean and ready for use. Here are 10 quick tips to avoid early BBQ repair service and to make a great impression at your next Big Game party. These things should be done at least monthly if not after every grilling.

  1. Wipe down your grill with a damp cloth, both the outside and the inside of the lid.
  2. With your grill open, take off the grates and bread racks and wipe them down and clean them. If need be, use a wire brush to scrape off any caked-on food.
  3. Using your wire brush and/or a clean cloth, clean the cooking boxof food, ashes and other materials, and wipe the box to get rid of dripped grease or food juices. If you use soap, use a small amount of mild detergent and hot water, and use a separate cloth or towel to wipe out any soapy residue.
  4. Clean the heating elements. Most heating elements can be easily removed so they can be completely cleaned and dried properly.
  5. Do an inspection of the areas where your heating elements were attached. Check for any food particles that may be blocking the elements and remove them.
  6. If your grill is charcoal, this is where you brush out all the ashes into the ash trap and then remove the ash trap and clean it thoroughly.
  7. With a gas grill, make sure to check your tank, wipe it down with a damp cloth and check the tube and connector for any leaks.
  8. Check your ignition switch and make sure it works. This test leads into the ninth tip below.
  9. Before you grill, turn your heat to high and close the lid for 15 minutes. This not only warms the grill for faster cooking, the heat can burn off any remaining food particles and make them easier to clean afterward.
  10. Once you are done grilling, turn off the heat and immediately scrape your grates.
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