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How Today’s Modern Churches Are Bringing Religion Into The 21st Century

Religion is a belief that many people in the world follow. As you know, there are many different religions that individuals choose to follow. Many of those people attend worship and visit their local churches on a regular basis.

Despite such impressive figures, the numbers of regular churchgoers are dropping. One way that Baptist Church Ministry officials are seeking to reverse that trend is by introducing technology. They are keen to make their religion appeal to Generation Z followers. And, by doing so, they want to increase congregation numbers.

So, how is religion using technology to reach out to people and bring their religion into the 21st century?

The paperless church

Church leaders are turning their places of congregation into paperless areas. Pen and paper are getting phased out in favor of things like iPads and laptops. Rather than writing sermons and notes by hand, electronic gadgets are used instead.

It makes sense to follow that approach. Especially if religions want to appeal to younger generations. As we know, one of the main topics at the forefront of many a young person’s mind is the environment. As a matter of fact, nowadays you can take part in Online Buddhism Teachings, great for those that would like to be a part of this religion from the comfort of their home.


One criticism that churchgoers have is that some of their priests or bishops have dull voices and send them to sleep during a sermon! Let’s face it; not everyone is a good orator. To keep people from nodding off, one creative way to make sermons more interesting is to use projectors and screens.

In a nutshell, they allow church leaders to make sermons interactive. For instance, if they are talking about the plight of people from a particular region, projectors can get used to show the effects of war.


Another thing that some people don’t like is the uncomfortable seating in many churches. If you have to sit on a hard pew for two hours, you might not be able to stand up again!

To solve that issue, church leaders have taken to upgrading their seats for more comfortable options. Read more about seating concepts for church pews, to see an example of what I mean. After all; no-one will want to visit your church if they can’t get seated in a comfy pew or chair.

Some upmarket churches even have pews with adjustable height and bench settings for that truly luxurious feeling!

Electronic kiosks

At the end of a church service, it’s usually customary to pass around a collection plate for donations. Not everyone likes to carry cash on them at all times, and that can sometimes make for an embarrassing situation.

Many people buy stuff using their debit and credit cards. In fact, lots of folks even use things like PayPal for buying stuff online. Tech-savvy churches are setting up kiosks where people can make electronic contributions every Sunday.

The beauty of online payments is that people can set up payments from their bank accounts. That way, they can make regular donations automatically. It’s a win-win situation because churchgoers don’t have to remember about making payments. And the church gets a consistent donation stream from its congregation. Visit https://www.sportsspeakers360.com/christian-speakers.php if you’re looking for the best motivational Christian speaker for your next church event.

Do you run a church? If so, I’d love to hear what tech measures you’ve put in place where you are. Thanks for reading!

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