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How To Deal With A DUI Offence

Everyone likes a drink or two on the weekends. The trouble is, two drinks can quickly become four drinks. You may think this isn’t bad, but a lot of the time, four drinks can put you over the limit. When you’re over the limit, you’re not allowed to drive any vehicle. But, many people drive to a bar and don’t plan on drinking much. By the time they leave, they’ve had more drinks than they intended. They think it’s fine, there’s no point calling a cab, so they try and drive home. Then, on the way home, they get into an accident. They hit someone or something. Before you know it, police are on the scene, and they’re being arrested for drinking under the influence.


This little story is a scenario that happens way too often in modern society. People are getting arrested for violating local dui law on a regular basis. If you ever get caught drink driving, then you need to know the proper way to deal with it. This article will help you understand what needs to be done if you ever get caught in this situation.

Don’t Resist

The most important thing is to not resist arrest. Even if you feel like you aren’t drunk, don’t resist. It’s easy to panic in this situation and try to run away, but you need to remain calm. If you resist arrest or run away, then you’ll make things far worse. Cooperate with the officers at the scene and do as they tell you. You’re likely going to have to do a breathalyzer test to check your alcohol levels. Again, don’t refuse to take the test. If you refuse, then you look guilty, and your situation is even harder to get out of. Take the test and do anything else they make you say or do.

Know Your Rights

When you’re arrested, the police will read you your rights. You’ve probably seen this a lot in films where they say ‘you have the right to remain silent’. When you have the right to remain silent, then remain silent! Don’t start chatting away in the back of the car or annoying the police officers. Don’t spend the journey to the station yammering on about how you’re innocent. Know your rights and then abide by them.

Legal Advice

It will be a very good idea for you to seek legal advice if you get arrested for a DUI. Look for something like a DUI attorney. A lawyer who specialises in drink driving related incidents. With the help of a dui lawyer, you’ll know what to do when you get taken to court. Generally speaking, you’re always going to be in the wrong if you get done drink driving. So, a dui attorney will help you get the best possible outcome in your situation. They can help get your sentence reduced, or have it wiped out completely.

Drinking under the influence is a serious offence. I’m in no way saying you should drink drive – you shouldn’t. But, if you ever drive over the limit without knowing, then use the advice presented here.

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