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How to Cheaply Improve Your Car

Modifying your car doesn’t have to involve lowering the ride height, tinting its windows and installing an ear-splitting sound system. There are plenty of ways to modify and improve your vehicle sensibly. Sadly such improvements can cost about as much as buying a brand new car. But if you really want to modify your car such as your Toyota Tacoma, go and shop now!

However, with a bit of research, ambition and using the correct equipment to follow procedure you can modify and improve your car in an affordable manner. SGS Engineering has a range of tools from spray guns to filters that will help get you on your way to transforming your standard car into a super one.

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Improve Your CarPerformance

The best way to improve anything, from an instrument to a car, is to have it at its finest possible tuning. Using reputable ECU tuning software allows you to increase the car’s power, throttle response, torque curve and increase the fuel economy which will save money in the long run. It is essential you know what you are doing when adapting the car’s software as mistakes can lead to the engine being damaged. This avoids paying extra for mechanical upgrades or having to install a new engine. You can purchase replacement parts from Grease Monkey if necessary.


To increase comfort for both driver and passengers you car’s interior shouldn’t be ignored. Add a cheap steering wheel cover to improve the feel when you are driving and keep it from getting too hot in the summer. Or create your own using some elastic and old clothing. Car seat covers are a good addition too and can be bought cheaply or again made from scratch. Just ensure they match the rest of the car decor.

Map lights can be installed on the ceiling, but may be off putting for some drivers. The dashboard can also be painted after sanding down, in a colour that fits in with everything else.


Depending on what you want from your car there are a number of options for modifying the exterior. Parts of the car or the whole body can be re-painted, you may want to see these automotive paint supplies here for some best preferences! And by buying a spray gun, paint and sanding equipment in a cheaper but longer process. You may also take your car to a military specification coating supplier. Those who have chips or cracks on their windshields that need immediate auto glass repair may bring their vehicles to an auto glass repair shop to have them repaired.

Boy racers can add a spoiler to the back but even without paying for labour it can be expensive. Cheaper alternatives include buying an HID lightbulb conversion kit which changes your headlights to a variety of colours. Decals are fairly cheap to buy and add as well for a unique touch, but too many can turn your car into a tacky mobile.

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