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How Has The ADA Changed Life For Disabled Workers?

Is has been twenty-five years since the American Disabilities Act was first introduced to the American public. It was created to protect the lives of those who need extra care. To ensure that people with all types of disabilities can have the best quality of life possible. But, the question then must be asked, has it worked? In twenty-five years how much has living with a disability changed in America and across the world?

disabled-manWell according to Secretary of State, John Kerry the world for people with disabilities is still in dire need of reform.  Kerry claims the ADA has protected nineteen percent of the American public from discrimination. But, he says the situation across the world is far more bleak. There are countries in the developed world with transport systems that still do not have access for people with disabilities. There are buildings and offices that do not have the proper access for people in a wheelchairs.

Is there any excuse for this? There are hundreds, potentially thousands of companies that provide installations. These make sure a workplace is openly accessible to someone with a disability. So, why are all business owners not getting active and making the changes that people with these conditions need to see? The disabled can use a platform lift in their place of work as long as the business owner has one installed. If a business owner is not bothering to make their premises accessible to everyone, this is a form of discrimination.

But then it is not just other countries that have seen little changes in twenty-five years for people with disabilities. In America, there are still only two types of disability recognised by the social security insurance. You are either completely disabled or you are not. It is not hard to see what types of disabilities are being left unprovided for. A whole range of conditions are left out of the policy, and this prevents people who need to pay bills going to work. They do not have the insurance they require to handle their situation.

Improvements to the system have been suggested and are in the process of being discussed by senior officials. For instance, some believe it is time for a reform of the social security system, fostering understanding workplace discrimination laws. They advocate for the recognition of the partially disabled, allowing them to work part-time while ensuring they receive benefits to cover their expenses, thereby maintaining a good quality of life.

There is talk of introducing incentives. Employers would be encouraged to hire people with partial disabilities as members of staff. However, for some this is all too little too late. It seems absurd to think that twenty-five years have passed and for some disability, still fits into two neat little boxes. Either you are disabled or you aren’t. Either you can work a full-time job without benefits, or you can’t. The fact that the ADA has done nothing to change this situation is shocking and needs to be rectified immediately.

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