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Home Decor: Trending Prints

When the public found out that Pantone chose greenery as their color for 2017, it was a sign that minimalist grey and monochromatic black and white should step back and let other colors take charge. Past years saw simplest grey walls and accessories in every room, but this year it’s all about bright, bold colors with intense greenery taking the lead. If you’re looking for a way to cheer your space up, look out for mixed patterns and happy motifs at Archute.

Home Decor

Granny florals

This year, you’ll hear the past knocking on your door – old granny florals are back and they’re here to stay for a while. One of the best things about this gentle and romantic print is the sharp contrast it makes with a more rustic environment: plain old ‘industrial’ brick wall behind your bed somehow match perfectly with the delicate floral print of your bed sheets. You can add floral wallpapers to your kitchen and see how good they look paired up with white tiles, marble, and, stainless steel.

You can also take it a step further and paint delicate flowers on your old dresser thus getting a beautiful vintage piece of furniture. Why not consider creating a perfect outdoor kitchen done by an efficient outdoor kitchen company? This will make you spend time with your family and friends around the outdoor grill or relax on the nearby couch.

When looking forward to renovate your kitchen, then you may want to visit website here for more helpful info! You can also consider what material is best for your kitchen countertops, you may check out this granite vs. quartz cost for more info!

Animal print

What started as a shy trend in 2016 comes on strongly this year – animal print is back! Forget about bear skin rug on your floor – it will only give your children and your guests nightmares. Instead, opt for something a bit more delicate and less prominent. Use different animal print fabric to bring new life to your furniture, and add a touch of exotic to every room. Large zebra stripes and huge giraffe prints will be the center of attention in your living room if you use them in your area rugs, carpeting, and in your furniture. These type of  carpets are a great way to add character, color, and inspiration to your home, so be on the lookout when shopping or just go to carpet stores. Your are bound to find much more variety there. Of course, with something as bold as animal print, you should be careful and decide exactly where you want it – on sofas, on walls or on floors. Overdoing it will make your room look claustrophobic.

Tropical Prints

You might have noticed that interior designers take hints from the runways, because what starts as a runway trend somehow also manages to find its way to home décor. All things tropical continue to mesmerize designers so it’s only natural to assume that the print will keep on appearing not only in our closets, but on our walls, couches, and tables as well. You don’t have to go through too much trouble with your furniture – plain sofas and armchairs will always look good with pillows boasting the trendy pattern. New pillows, new vases, and great new lamps with tropical print shades will look amazing in your new room where walls can be painted a lovely shade of green. To complement the fresh aesthetics, don’t forget to invest in seamless gutter covers, providing an extra layer of protection for your home’s exterior and ensuring it remains both stylish and well-maintained.

For lovers of all things old and oriental, geometric prints are here to invoke the feeling of Morocco and Greece. Geometric prints can be simple: triangles, squares, even different forms of polka dots on cheap bathroom sets, but you can also choose to bring in polyhedrons, hexagons, and zigzags to your home. You can also have them in soft and subtle subdued shades or choose to decorate your rooms in bold colors. Lovely geometric patterns are everywhere, from wallpapers to décor elements, and you can embrace this loud trend freely as long as you keep the right balance. If you have noticed an increase in your utility bills without any changes to your daily habits, you should consider hiring this company to inspect your unit to find and fix the root of the problem.

Whenever you’re about to make a change in your home, be careful not to ‘overdo’ it or you’ll end up with rooms that look chaotic. It’s important to find the middle ground, and new color on your walls doesn’t mean that you have to change everything else in the room too. These new trending prints are cheerful and inspiring, and you’ll be able to transform your entire home with several carefully picked details.

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