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Has Divorce Become An Easy Way Out?

As statistics suggest a divorce rate of almost 50 percent in the US, it’s natural to ask questions about our modern attitude to marriage and divorce. Are people getting married with the view that divorce is an option if it doesn’t work out? Or are there simply additional pressures on modern relationships, which weren’t around in times gone by? Is marriage as sacred as it used to be? Or have we come to the conclusion that getting married doesn’t always have to be a lifelong decision? How will you start a divorce talk with spouse or with your husband?

Why is divorce so common?

When you see that half of couples get divorced after their first marriage, it’s understandable to want to delve deeper. It’s natural to ask why so many people are getting divorced.

According to a family lawyer, the most commonly cited reasons include constant arguing, infidelity, abuse, and inequality. Some people also admit that marriage didn’t meet their expectations. Others say that they weren’t ready for such a significant commitment. Many couples say that there were issues present when they got married, but they hoped they would be able to address them once they had taken their vows.

The divorce rate is even higher for second and third marriages when looking at the stats of how many people look for legal help from a family law lawyer. At least 60 percent of second marriages and 70 percent of third marriages end in divorce.

In addition to the reasons listed above, it’s also important to consider societal changes. There’s no doubt that divorce is much less of a taboo subject these days in the news. People aren’t shocked when somebody gets divorced, and it’s not uncommon to re-marry.

The process has also become much simpler and more convenient. Changes in legislation have made divorce more accessible. The expertise of professionals like divorce lawyer James S. Cunha means that couples can divorce with minimal stress. This is not to say that the process is always plain sailing. But it has become much less convoluted.

Some may also say that celebrity culture has an impact on society as a whole. It’s rare for celebrity couples to stay together today. This may affect the way others, particularly young people, view marriage and divorce.

What happens when you get divorced?

A marriage certificate is a legal document. In order to annul a marriage, legal processes must be completed. If you are getting divorced, you will need to seek legal advice from divorce attorneys. Divorce can be very straightforward, but it can also be very complex. If you have children, joint finances, or property, the process is likely to be more difficult, so having experienced divorce lawyers on your side is very important. The nature of your relationship with your partner will also have a bearing. If you’re amicable, you can often reach an agreement out of court. If things have turned sour, this can make the experience much more painful. Settlements can usually be reached out of court. However, if legal teams fail to agree, a judge may be called upon to make a final decision.

Divorce is much more common than it was in previous generations, this has made it possible for individuals to now divorce without a lawyer. There may be various reasons why more marriages are ending in divorce, and it’s an interesting topic to explore. Maybe the nature of human relationships has changed. Perhaps the meaning of marriage is different. Or maybe we have become more comfortable with the concept of divorce.

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