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Golf Holidays: What Are They And Why Are They So Popular?

There are lots of different holiday ideas out there for you to choose from. Each has their own unique qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Amidst all the classic holiday ideas, we’re seeing a new player emerge on the scene. I’m talking, of course, about golf holidays.

Golf Holidays

Golf holidays have been around for a few years but have only started becoming massively popular over the last eighteen months or so. They combine the well-loved sport of golf, with the relaxing, fun, energy of a holiday. A golf holiday is starting to be a great choice for many stag do’s and group holidays. This is because they’re brilliant to go in with a group of your best mates. Instead of just going on holiday somewhere sunny, you can now have a bit more fun with it!

What attracts most people to golf holidays is that it gives them a chance to play golf around the world. They’ll have played the same course all year round at home, and now they can play somewhere exotic instead! If you look around for a company that does golf holidays, you’ll find they have a whole range of destinations to choose from. There are also packages that include trips to various major golf events. For example, you can pay for a holiday that includes Masters golf tickets in the price. Meaning you get to go and watch the Masters as part of the holiday package. It’s a great idea for golf fans who want to go to these events, but also want a hotel and other holiday bits and bobs too. Instead of having to do it all separately, they can do it together as one big package. And, like I mentioned earlier, it’s easy to book these holidays as a group. So you can have a whole gang on you visiting America to see Masters!

So why have golf holidays grown in popularity lately? Well, it’s down to a few things. Firstly, they’re fun and very well priced – when you include everything you get in the package. Then you have to look at the sport in general. Golf has really become more popular over the past couple of years, partly down to a few new rising stars of the game. Players like Rory Mcilroy and Jordan Spieth are making golf seem entertaining and fun to play. They’re inspiring people to take part and as a result it’s leaving golf holidays in high demand. When you combine all these factors, it’s not hard to see how golf holidays have become so popular.

The next big question is, are golf holidays here to stay? I think they are, I can’t see this being a fad. Golf tours are a unique type of holiday in the sense that there will always be tournaments to visit and courses to play on. So long as the sport remains popular and people are interested in it, then I’m sure these holidays will continue to thrive. If golf continues to exist as a sport, then golf holidays won’t be going anytime soon.

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