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Don’t Think Twice about Replacement Windows

It can seem like a significant investment and quite inconvenient when the work is being carried out, but having a new residential window replacement along with stylish window shades could be the best money you ever spend.


Property Value

If you ever try to sell your home without double glazing, chances are perspective buyers may not consider making an offer, or if they do, it would be below the asking price. If you consider Maverick Windows, not only will you reap the benefits now, it should pay dividends when putting your property on the market. Everything you need for glazing can be bought from GGR Glass.

Curb Appeal

You might have a house full of chic interior design features but if the outside looks in need of a facelift, that’s the overall judgement people will make. Peeling paint and misty windows is never a good look. You won’t want that if you take pride in your home, plus it may repel house buyers.

Less Hassle

If you invest in uPVC double or triple glazing, it should save you time and money, as it’s virtually maintenance-free. No more perching precariously from a ladder holding a paintbrush. No joiners having to replace bits of frame because of wet or dry rot. And it’s simple to clean.


But perhaps the most important motivation for replacing your windows is that it is environmentally responsible. It will reduce the amount of heat loss, particularly if the glass has high thermal efficiency such as Planibel A, which means lower carbon emissions escaping into the atmosphere. This in turn means you should use less energy, which is terrific for the globe and your bank balance. If less heat is escaping, you use less energy, which means lower fuel bills. On the flip side, it should help keep your home cooler in the summer. By adding fiberglass insulation, your home will also become much more energy-efficient.

Many building and contents insurance policies take into consideration whether you’ve got window locks, which come as standard on most replacement windows. In addition, the toughened glass makes it extremely resistant to impact from either a burglar or a stray football.

Inner Peace

There’s nothing worse than unwelcome external noise invading your home. It might be traffic from a busy road or perhaps the wind howling through the gaps in your warped frames. It’s unpleasant and can cause unnecessary stress. By replacing your windows, you will reduce this noise pollution significantly (which is why city centre hotels always have double glazing), these mesh screens are also ideal for pollen allergy sufferers as they are available with a super fine mesh which prevents pollen from entering through your open door or window. Your home should be a relaxing sanctuary and the only noise you should be hearing is what you choose to make.

Whatever reservations you may have about replacement windows, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences. The initial outlay will be more than recouped by the value added to your home and the lower fuel bills. You may use a residential window replacement cost calculator that many window installation companies offer to get free estimates for your new window. Provided you seek out a reputable and experienced company who can meet all your specifications, you won’t regret your energy efficient, new windows.

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