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Did You Know the 5 Most Popular Jobs are…

Considering a career change? Or just wonder how popular your job is? Either way, there are certain positions that attract people in the thousands, but what are they and why are they so popular?


Literary Jobs

A recent study has identified that the UK seem to be a nation of bookworms, as that authors were voted to have the most desirable jobs. That’s right, many of us would like to be writing novels rather than stuck in an office. The popularity of this work is likely to be as those in literary related roles make us think of intelligent, wealthy people. Desirable qualities to have!

Retail Jobs

Retail is an enormous industry with many opportunities. It’s easy to see why retail is such a popular choice. Casual retail jobs such as working on the tills are, or a shop floor are an excellent way to move up the career ladder. A weekend job in a store could lead to reaching a management position. When someone is passionate about what they are selling too, it makes the job much more enjoyable.  Due to the amount of positions available, it’s unlikely this type of work will ever not be a popular choice.

Digital Marketing Jobs

The internet has not only changed our personal lives but the way we work too. Because we rely on the internet so much, it’s natural for business want to seek advice. The online world has opened up a whole new arena of jobs in online PR, social media, search engine optimisation and more. Out of these roles, you’ll most commonly hear the job title digital marketing executive. Executive positions are hot property in digital marketing. These sought-after jobs are the perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the digital world. It also helps that the availability of posts in this industry is enormous.

Self-Employment Jobs

Self-employment has become favored in recent times. In the last 40 years in the UK, self-employment is at it’s highest point. The most popular role within self-employment is construction work. For people that work in an area such as building, it can be easier to work from contract-to-contract. Of course, there are many other common roles that come under self-employment. But, the construction still seems to be the front-runner.  Self-employment can also be a popular choice with those who are between jobs or not settled in their career. Setting yourself up as employed can be incredibly rewarding.

Finance Jobs

The role of a finance manager may not immediately spring to mind if you’ve never trained in accountancy. But yet, it was recently crowned the second best job. It was crowned based on number of openings, average base salary, and career opportunities. Finance is important to us at work and home so it’s understandable why people may want to work in finance management. Accountancy and finance are lucrative careers with massive benefits. If you find the right job in finance, you could find yourself climbing the career ladder very quickly.

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