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Contributing To Your Community: Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

It can be so easy to get caught up in our own lives and problems. Everyone has something to worry about, something that they are aiming for and plenty of things to take up their time and energy. But if we are too focused on what we want and need it can mean that we forget to give back to the community that we live in.

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This is a shame, because by contributing to your local community, you can promote the happiness of others and find a sense of belonging. In fact, helping out the people in the area that you live allows you to, in a small way, make the world a better place. So read on for some ideas!

Couponing for donations

The first thing you can do to contribute to your community is to use the coupon inserts that you get in magazines and newspapers to get free food at the supermarket. Then collect this food and donate it to food banks. Food banks help to feed the homeless, as well as supply essential items to families on the breadline.

Look for items that last a long time, like rice, cereals and canned goods. Then the food bank is under less pressure to cook and serve the food straight away. Also if you keep any eye out for store closeouts and sales, as well as offers to double coupons, you can get your entire shop almost free. This means you can provide a lot of food to help those that are less fortunate than yourself and it will only really cost you your time.

Litter picking

Litter is such a huge problem in most neighborhoods. It seems almost impossible for people to actually hold onto their rubbish until they find a trash can. This means litter ends up on the street, on the sidewalk, by the side of the road and even in public places of beauty, like parks. Litter is not only unhygienic, but it is also an eyesore and can make even the nicest areas look abandoned and uncared for. This can actually have a significant effect on how the residents of such an area feel about living there.

So what can be done about the issue that is litter? Well, the first thing is to always encourage those around you like your friends and family to dispose of their litter in the proper way.

Another thing you could do that would help your community is to organize litter picks, where you get a group of people together with gloves and telescopic claws, and pick up all the litter you can find in a specific place. Make sure you wear t-shirts or jackets showing what you are doing as this will spread the message that it’s not OK to litter in this area. You may also need a Garbage Disposal Bin Rental for all the trash that you’ll be collecting.

The last thing that you can do if raise some money for proper recycling bins. Then people aren’t just throwing away their rubbish. They are putting it in the right place to get reused, and so less strain is being put on the environment.

Helping your local church groups

Something else that you can do to be a part of your local community is to offer assistance to your local religious and church groups. You will find that most religious groups have community programs where they help people that live in the areas, so you can get involved in one of those.

Many religious organizations set up parties and events for the less fortunate at a special time of the year like Christmas. They are always happy for some help with these.  There are lots of different things that you can do like cook, or set up the room and decorate it. You can even raise money for things like more church chairs so that everyone has a place to sit. Ask your local religious leaders for more information on how you can help.

Sponsored Events

Another great thing that you can do that gets you involved in the community is to organize a sponsored event. This works in two ways.  First, you are going to be engaging with people in the community, as you will be getting them to take the park and asking them to sponsor people. Second, the money that you raise can go towards community projects like opening an organic vegetable garden or providing more mother and baby sessions.

Try to be as original as possible when you organize a sponsored event. Things that people haven’t seen or done before, or that are humorous are likely to get the most attention and so the most sponsorship. For example, you could try a sponsor eating contest, a sponsored sports event or even a sponsored silence!

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