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50% of UK Residents Have No Hobby: Does This Mean We’re All Boring?

A leading international think tank have today announced the UK to be one of the most boring places on Earth. Not only do we have the most depressing weather and climate, but the figures suggest that only around 50% of mainland British residents engage in any kind of hobby outside of working hours. This seems astonishing, but the findings have been scrutinised by a number of leading bodies who have concluded the information to be correct. So, today we’re asking, what ever happened to the Great British tradition of letting our hair down? And what can we do to shake this somewhat damaging label?

UK Residents

Well, to begin with, the job market has been in dire straits for quite some time, and when you consider the state of the global economy, it’s no wonder most of us are spending every waking hour at work. At the end of the day, we’ve all got to eat, right? So, if we only have around an hour or two in the evenings, there simply isn’t enough time for learning how to play the guitar or purchasing some new irons from Snaintongolf and arranging a day out on the green.

Even so, we weren’t like this in the past, so there must be another reason why everyone’s given up on their talents. Perhaps this could be more to do with the general mood in this country at the moment? Ever since we elected a Conservative government, there have been many changes made that seriously affect our lives, and most of them have been pretty negative. Could it be that’s we’re all in a national bad mood? Will things change when the Labour party come to power in 2015? Very possibly.

When we look back through history, we see the same thing happening amongst the public whenever Tory’s are voted into parliament, and then a period of rejoicing and parties when they other side makes it into power. Maybe then, we’ll all start making improvements sometime within the next twelve months?

No matter what happens, one thing is for certain; we need to shake the perception other nations have of us. We’re now renowned for being incredibly boring at home, and incredibly obnoxious abroad, which is never going to be a favourable combination. So, altering our ways and finding the love we once had for trivial hobbies could be the first step on the road to improving our global image.

The next time you walk down the street and you see an advertisement for that new local rock climbing club, you should definitely take down the number and give them a call. Likewise, if one of your friends asks you to attend a theatre group, you should oblige. At the end of the day, we’re all focusing too hard on finances at the moment, but that is simply not where the most fulfilling happiness lies.

So, having cleared all that up, we hope to see more British people finding new and interesting hobbies over the next few months.
Don’t let us down guys!

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