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4 Hobbies That Keep You Active & Entertained In Your 40’s

When most men enter their 40’s, they start to having a midlife crisis. They’re scared about the direction their life is going, and it impacts their lifestyle. They may start to give up on being healthy and sit on the sofa all day watching TV. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are four hobbies that will keep you active:


Kite Flying

If you think back to some of the most traditional hobbies out there, kite flying is in the mix. It’s a simple hobby that anyone can do, and it keeps you active. Obviously, to fly a kite, you have to be outdoors. Otherwise, it won’t work. Anytime you can get outdoors is good because it means you’re getting some fresh air. Plus, it can get quite strenuous if the wind picks up. You might think that flying a kit is a breeze, but it can be pretty heavy work at times. And, you can collect different kites and have competitions to see how long you can keep one up for.


You probably think that fishing isn’t a very active hobby. Sure, it involves you getting fresh air, but don’t you just sit around all day doing nothing? Well, it depends on what type of fishing you do. If you go on a fishing adventure and take a boat out into a lake, then fishing can be quite active. You put in physical work rowing the boat out and back to land. And, the act of fishing can be physically demanding once you get a bite. You can also go on exciting fly fishing trips that will get you active .


Hunting is a hobby that has been around for centuries. It can keep you active because you have to be outside moving around. As well as requiring physical activity, it also needs to you exercise your mental activity too. You have to be strategic and think about the best way to deal with a situation. It’s a very tactical hobby, and that’s why so many people enjoy it. Of course, the main problem is that it’s deemed illegal in certain places. However, there are companies like Land To Hunt that will find land where it is legal to hunt. So, you can have your fun without any restrictions in place. As with most hobbies, hunting is best done in a group.


The best way to keep active and entertained is to play a sport. But, when you’re in your 40’s, it can be hard to find one you’re able to play. One of the best sports you can play is badminton. It’s a bit like tennis, but not as intense. The courts are smaller, you don’t have to hit a ball, it’s slightly more relaxed. Taking up badminton can keep you fit, and be a fun hobby to have as well.

You don’t have to be young and spritely to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let a midlife crisis ruin your life and turn you into a couch potato. Instead, think about taking up one of the four hobbies I’ve mentioned. They’ll keep you active and entertained for years.

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