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10 DIY Strategies for At Home Pest Control

A pest-free home is a happy home, which is why the following DIY pest control strategies are so important. Read this blog to learn how pests can affect your health and bring on allergies and find the best solution to get rid of infestation. Using these methods can help keep your home free of unwanted guests, which often damage both property and health if left unchecked. Don’t put up with pests any longer and call Drake Lawn & Pest Control today.

DIY pest control strategies

  1. Plan Ahead

Having a clear plan in place will greatly benefit your pest removal efforts. Identify the type of pests you are dealing with, as well as all possible routes of entry and call the company that is a provider of exterminator services. In most cases a comprehensive effort will be required, which entails treating many different areas; Planet Orange recommends the following steps.

  1. Seal Possible Entryways

Once you’ve identified the main points of entry, you can then begin to seal these areas. For instance, gaps existing within exterior siding can be shored up using silicone caulking. Gaps in doors and windows may also need to be addressed, and this can be accomplished with weather-stripping.

  1. Maintain a Clean Home

You can prevent pests from making themselves at home by ensuring your abode remains clean. You can get the services available via Team Veterans Pest Control to get rid of the nuisance. Make sure all food is kept secure, and sweep up stray crumbs and debris on a daily basis. Standing water can also be attractive to many pests, so be sure to fix leaky faucets as soon as possible. Leaky faucets can lead to flooding which you’ll need water damage restoration if that happens.

  1. Keep Pet Foods Under Wraps

Proper storage of pet food is extremely important, whether kept inside or outside a home. Don’t leave food in bags where it is easily accessible. Instead, keep it in a sealed container impenetrable to external forces, while if you have pets and need to clean the house you can compare different facilities for pet boarding to put them temporarily.

  1. Create a Spider-Free Environment

Using a dehumidifier in your basement is one easy method for eliminating spiders. By keeping the level of humidity at a consistent 40 percent and removing any cobwebs as they emerge, you can drastically reduce the number of spiders in your home.

  1. Perfect Your Mousetrap Technique

Using two mousetraps back-to-back will catch those wily mice that may easily jump over one strategically placed trap. Placing traps along the wall is also recommended, as mice tend to frequent this area due to poor vision. Be generous with the number of traps you set, and bait them with peanut butter or chocolate syrup for the best effect.

  1. Protect Your Yard From Moles

Moles are well known for the havoc they wreak on yards and gardens. The only real solution is to catch moles using live traps, which allow for mice to be humanely released in more hospitable areas. While spring loaded traps are preferable, you can also use buckets placed within active mole tunnels in a pinch.

  1. Eliminate Moisture Around Your Home’s Exterior

Dry areas tend to be insect-free, which only illustrates the importance of keeping the exterior of your home free of moisture. Proper yard maintenance, such as raking up leaves and other debris on a regular basis, can be highly effective for keeping moisture levels manageable.

  1. Keep Raccoons at Bay

Raccoons are infamous for their voracious appetites. This leads to many home and garden invasions. Because these pesky animals are not easily deterred, you must take steps to render your home inaccessible. Seal up garbage can lids tight, trim all branches at roof level to prevent raccoons from gaining access, and use hardware mesh to secure crawl spaces and other areas of entry.

  1. Ensure Safety Remains a Priority

No matter what type of pest control strategy you use in your home, be sure safety is kept in mind. You can get help from Emergency Pest Control Vaughan if you are unsure about the process yourself. You may visit pest control sites like sustainablepest.com/bed-bugs/ for more info. Pesticides often contain harsh chemicals that are extremely harmful to both children and pets, which is why so many people look organic methods of mice pest control and mosquito treatment. These all-natural methods are highly effective and can be used in all areas throughout one’s home without the damaging effects associated with chemical pesticides.

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