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Why We’re Giving Up On Slimming Aids

The market for slimming aids is shrinking. In the last 2 or 3 years the market for meal replacements in particular has taken a hit. There are genuine products out there that work, but marketers are struggling to convince us over all the noise of fad diets and celebrity endorsements.


When you have tried a few things to trim the fat and tone the muscle, you can start to feel like giving up. There are so many diets, supplements and exercise plans out there, knowing where to turn to next can be tricky. You may have tried some of the body building supplements that promise to improve your metabolism by providing you with an extra boost of protein and caffeine to keep you going. Perhaps you tried an intense exercise programme that promised amazing results in just a few short workouts.

Generally speaking, you need to combine a good diet with regular exercise. The kind of diet you need depends on the type of exercise you are undertaking, and vice versa. It is becoming more widely accepted that an easy to maintain lifestyle all year round and into older age is essential if you want a good body that is fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

Professional athletes and sports stars need their bodies to perform. Their livelihoods and careers depend on it. Diets and exercise programmes developed by health professionals, nutritionists and sport scientists, are carefully tailored to their sporting needs. We are all envious of the defined and sculpted muscle tone these high profile athletes show off. Some fitness gurus are using their sport to teach others how to gain a great body. This works particularly well for sport enthusiasts who want their passion for their game to help them build the body image they desire. Doing something we love makes the hard work of improving our fitness much easier. It is highly motivating. And if you want to reshape an area of the body with little effort, then you might want to take a look at body sculpting procedures.

Those that are making waves at the moment are combining DVD packages with social media to be in constant communication with subscribers to the programme. These, like the Kit Dale BJJ programme, provide a personality who has developed the ideas and concepts after years as a professionally trained sportsman. They are still doing it and learning from it, and are speaking to their customers to find new ways of making it more effective.

Think about other diets, supplements and exercise regimes that have been endorsed by celebrities. How many of these people have followed through their product promise by responding to individual comments and queries? Could this be the secret to success? We are wising up. We don’t believe endorsements when there is no feedback or accountability. We want to challenge the claimed results and have product support when we feel it’s not working for us. Whether this style of marketing can be employed by the big brands remains to be seen. Something significant needs to change in the industry. A shrinking market in an expanding population just shouldn’t be happening.

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