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Why Have E-Cigs Become So Popular?

You’d have to be walking around town with your eyes close to not notice the growth in popularity of e-cigs. E-cigs or electronic cigarettes are a form of vaping. When you vape, you still inhale a substance, like you do with a cigarette. But unlike a cigarette, this doesn’t have to include any nicotine. It is possible to just inhale a pure substance. I think it’s worth looking at why these devices have become so popular in such a short period.


Cigarettes Were Banned

While smoking is not illegal, society has done everything possible to make it seem like it is. Slowly, smokers have been ostracized and pushed out of public places. They’ve been forced to conduct the filthy habit away from everyone else, outside in smoking shelters. These are disgusting places that are rarely ever cleaned. It’s no wonder that smokers latched onto using something that allowed them to stay indoors. In some places, you can smoke e-cigs in public places without being thrown out.

E-cigs Are Healthy?

Well, healthy might be pushing it. But, thus far, there have been no negative side effects reported from using an e-cig. Particularly, if you can use it without nicotine included in the liquid that you’re vaping. In fact, many people have claimed that using an e-cig or a disposable vape is one of the best ways to quit smoking. You still get the feel of smoking a cigarette without the dangers involved. The only issue with this is that doctors haven’t recommended e-cigs as a form of quitting smoking. But that’s simply because more tests are needed before they can be recommended as a form of quitting.

No Physical Signs

Smoking causes a few different physical scars on your body. There’s the lines around the the mouth, the yellow teeth and my personal pet peeve, yellow fingertips. Who’s going to be looking at your nails if you’ve got yellow fingers? No one, that’s who. That’s why e-cigs definitely get my vote. They don’t have any of these nasty marks included in use. In fact, unless someone saw you, no one would have any idea you vaped.


There are two advantages e-cigs have over cigarettes in marketing and promotion. First e-cig companies haven’t been hit by constraints on promotion. Cigarette packages in most places now by law have to show pictures of diseased lungs and what cigarettes can do to your health. E-cigs still come in beautiful boxes that look stylish and cool. Blu cigs, in particular, look very attractive and in many ways just look like another tech gizmo. They certainly don’t look like the carton of death, cigarettes have slowly transformed into.

Celebrities Jumped On Board

Finally, if there was any sign that the e-cig bandwagon was going to take off, it was when celebs started using them. I remember when Leonardo Dicaprio was first snapped vaping. It was then I knew, this trend was here to stay, and I was right. It’s difficult to walk down the street now without seeing at least a few people vaping. Is it still bad for you? I’m not a doctor; I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure it’s a craze that’s going to be around for a while.

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