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Why Are Cases Of Sleep Conditions Increasing In The US?

Over the last twenty years, the number of people being diagnosed with sleep-related disorders in the US has more than trebled. That has encouraged many health experts and pundits to perform more research into the health of our nation. They want to know which factors are causing the rise in sleep conditions in the hope of working out a remedy. It’s all well and good prescribing thousands of patients with sleeping pills. Even so, that isn’t going to solve the problem. As with anything in this world, treating the symptoms will offer some relief. However, you have to deal with the underlying causes if you want to find a cure.


Stressful work routines

As time has progressed, jobs have become much harder and more stressful. That has been deemed as one of the main contributing factors in sleep issues today. People just find it too difficult to switch off at night. That is especially the case when they are worrying about what the next working day might have in store. The experts recommend that finding a less stressful job is the best way for people in that situation to treat themselves. Adding medication into the mix is just going to make things worse.


Drugs like Nuvigil are designed to help people stay awake during the daytime. They should be used when the person is suffering from sleep issues at night. However, they are not always prescribed because doctors get the diagnosis wrong. One of the key elements to handling sleep conditions involves getting a correct diagnosis. The right diagnosis will help the doctor recommend Sleep Problem TreatmentsAlso, some patients find the costs are far too high, and so they choose not to take the medication. Their health insurance often doesn’t cover such drugs. If they only knew they could get a Nuvigil coupon to reduce the expense, things might be different. Whatever drugs a doctor might prescribe, it is vital that all patients ask for a second opinion. They should do that before agreeing with the doctor’s findings.

Bad diet

People who don’t consume the right foods are more than twice as likely to suffer from sleep disorders. That is because their bodies and brains are often filled with lots of unnatural stimulants that make it difficult to relax. By changing diets and ensuring sufferers consume only healthy products, it is possible to deal with the matter. Fruit and vegetables are at the top of the list, but it’s also important patients still get enough meat.

Drugs and alcohol

Patients who take drugs and alcohol are far more exposed to sleep conditions. That is because they are altering their mood via chemical means on a regular basis. The brain has enough trouble with regulating mood as it is without all that interference. Those people with drug and alcohol issues are often referred to rehabilitation centers before they are offered treatment. There is no point giving sedatives to someone with drug dependency. They will probably take them all and try to catch a buzz.

While there were some other factors identified by the experts, the ones we’ve just mentioned were deemed the most important. Will cases of sleep conditions drop in the future? It would seem that will only happen when patients start to deal with the causes rather than the symptoms.

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